How To Restring a Guitar for Left Handed

hello fellow weirdos i'm andy negative

and today we're restringing a

right-handed guitar for a lefty in just

five easy steps


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why I'm doing this well I frequently get

questioned about if you can flip a right

hand guitar around to play left-handed I

mean yes obviously you can because we're

about to do it but honestly I feel a lot

of left-handed guitar players started

out this way they found one of their

friends old guitars or or a family

members old guitar but flipped it around

put the strings on backwards and went to

town this is probably the most

affordable economical option when you're

starting out and I would highly suggest

it because probably someone you know

just has a higher laying around that no

one is using that they'll probably just

give to you for nothing and then you

have a guitar without having to go and

spend any money except for on strings so

there's that lots of great great

left-handed musicians have done this a

Kurt Cobain did it Jimi Hendrix did it

Tim Armstrong from rancid still does it

to the state the dude has a Custom Shop

model from Gretch and he still uses a

upside-down strung Gretch that he had

from before it's crazy talk but he does

it so obviously if it ain't broke then

just make it left-handed the guitar that

I'm using today has already been through

this process but it you know it's the

same it all still applies but basically

it's a right-handed guitar that has been

strung around for a left-handed person

so without further ado let's just let's

let's let's do that let's make the let's

make the guitar the way that it will

work for you for you yeah okay here we


step one get a right-handed guitar and

strings pretty simple get a right-handed

guitar and a pack of strings yeah step

two take off the strings well take off

the strings that's it I mean that's it

that's all you get it so here to just

take off the strings


step 3 reverse the nut and /or increase

the depth of the nut yeah so as you can

see in this example this guitar the

owner just increased the depth of the

nut for the for the low string because

you're swapping the places with the high

string which you can do using a small

file or a knife you probably want to use

a file it's better but you can also just

pop the nut out and spin it around and

put it back in that can be a little

tricky on some guitars you might want to

like reglue with a little bit of wood

glue if you get the nut out and put it

back on again otherwise it's just gonna

be bouncing around all the time but

really as long as you spin the nut

around or extend the size so that the

large string fits into it you're pretty

much good to go step 4 restrain the

guitar backwards again just put the

strings back on but do it the way that

it would be so it's so it's left-handed

it's pretty straightforward just

restring the guitar


and step 5 move the strap peg to the

other side so the the if you put this

guitar on a strap and try to wear it

you're gonna be nipple riding it really

hard and it's gonna be really

uncomfortable even with a really long

strap so what you want to do is just

take the strap peg that's on the side

closest to the fretboard and just move

it to the other side on a guitar with

horns like a Stratocaster it's a lot

it's a lot easier on a guitar like a Les

Paul where the horn is really small I

mean it's gonna be a little more

uncomfortable but pretty much just move

it and then you can throw your strap on

them you're you and you're good to go

basically you now have a left handed

guitar where you used to have a right

handed guitar and that's it it's super

simple it's dirt simple you just take a

right handed guitar and you flip it over

and it's a left handed guitar now you're

gonna have to get used to the fact the

knobs and such are kind of where your

arm goes but you know what there are

worse things in the world you'll get

used to it

probably this guitar cost you know money

and that's the perfect way to get

started at some point in your career if

you keep playing guitar you might want

to consider it investing in an actual

left-handed guitar but you know what I'm

not gonna tell you what to do

I've shown you what your options are

okay here are your options that's it

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