How To Make Sure Your Riding Jacket Fits! | MC GARAGE TIPS

hey guys area Henning from motor cyclist

magazine besides your helmet your jacket

is arguably your most important piece of

protective apparel it's designed to

protect you from impacts and abrasion in

the event of a get off but in order to

do its job your jacket has to fit right

does your jacket fit properly I'll help

you find out in this video from the MC

garage regardless of the style of jacket

or what kind of material it's made of

the most important aspect is fit first

of all it's got to be comfortable if a

jacket is too big and it flaps in the

wind or if it's too small and is

restrictive it's going to be

uncomfortable and distracting to check

the fit of a jacket try it on and zip it

up with your arms or your sides the

cuffs should extend to approximately the

middle of your palms now lift your arms

out in front of you to handle bar height

and check the sleeve length your wrist

should remain covered the shoulder of

the jacket should end where your

shoulders do you don't want any baggy

excess fabric most jackets have

adjustment straps at the arms and waist

use them to tailor the fit and to

accommodate for adding or removing

layers of clothing I see a lot of people

wearing two big baggy jackets if your

jacket doesn't fit close to your body

it's gonna flap like a sail and it's not

likely to stay in place if you fall off

if you can slide the elbow arm around

you likely need a smaller jacket the

best armor on the market is useless if

it's not where it's supposed to be when

you hit the pavement a snug fitting

jacket is good but if it's too tight

it's going to limit your range of motion

and it's going to be difficult to add a

thermal layer when it gets cold if the

sleeves right up when you lift your arms

or if you have a hard time crossing your

arms in front your chest jacket is

likely too small this one is definitely

too small and I'm pretty sure it's a

woman's jacket your best bet for finding

the best fit

visit a local brick and mortar shop and

try on a bunch of jackets different

manufacturers offer different fits cuts

and features so make sure you pick the

right jacket for you and your needs also

if you haven't already check out our

video on proper helmet fit to make sure

you're safe as possible when you're out

there on the road hope you enjoyed this

video and check back in two weeks for

more tips and tutorials