How To Make A Lace Frontal Wig | Detailed Tutorial | Asteria Hair |

yeah I ain't tryna wait and be [ __ ]

wait nope oh you can't touch this [ __ ]

with a limp [ __ ]

hey y'all ways to be slayed by Jordan

and quick disclaimer I like a mess in

this video my station is locator and

number three it's gonna be a long video

maybe way back to the program the hair

I'll be working with today well the

company I'll be working with today is a

stereo hair I'm working with them again

they sneak me over some ink 3d lashes in

some of their afro curly hair right now

we're looking at their 20 inch frontal

it does come pre plug I didn't have to

plug anything out this frontal

whatsoever it came truly pre plug I'm

the lace I've been slow lately so I

don't know if it's light brown or

transparent but it's definitely one of

the two I think it's light brown but I'm

not sure and they also sent me over to

26 inches in one 24 inch bundle arm of

the afro curly this hair is super soft

and although it is very currently you

can still run your fingers to it and I

was very surprised by that so yeah shout

out to a stereo hair and today what I'm

gonna do with this hair is show you how

I make my frontal weeks this is the most

highly requested video and yeah so I

hope I make this as detailed as possible

I hope y'all understand and here we go

and before we start constructing the wig

you les customize your frontal so what

I'm doing now is taking my cream of

nature leave-in conditioner you can take

any kind of leave-in conditioner or you

can actually take order we're spraying

that front hairline and we're going to

come back all those baby hairs so when

we bleach our nuts

we don't have any excess hairs in the

way that may get bleached because you do

not want some blonde roots now it's okay

to you know bleacher nuts like

thoroughly to where you know like it's a

little blood but you don't want blood

roots to

like when you part your hair and you

take a picture it looks like your scalp

is like very wide you don't want that so

after we are startups that comes

together anyway so after we um come back

those hairs we're gonna take our BW to

powder and we're gonna take our Claire

out 42 volume developer and um we're

gonna mix that together on you want to

use very little developer because you

want your consistency to be thick so I'm

gonna mix this up what time and you're

gonna see like it's gonna be too thick

to where everyone won't even spray and

that's not what you want you want to

date but you still want to be able to

spread it if you can were saying you

just don't want it to drip off of your

arm applicator brush so okay I'm gonna

add just a little bit more developer and

then um let's not mix them together it's

gonna give me the perfect consistency

and make sure your bleach mixture is not

dripping back in the bow if you're

stripping back in the bone that means

it's too wet that means it's gonna seep

through the lace and it's going to

bleach your roots but you want to make

sure this is big and also it's best to

apply this with like a butter knife like

a plastic knife or a pencil spoon it'll

just make sure you're not pressing too

hard but I'm used to using the

applicator brush and I just I throw it

although I am heavy handing out cuz I am

happy oh you just gotta lightly um

smooth that out onto the frontal and be

very careful when you add the hairline

because the harder you press the more

you risk getting the bleach to seep

through and make the roots blow and

that's not what you want but you

definitely want to cover um you want to

make sure that you cover the front part

of the hair where you will be gluing it

down or whatever so if you don't have

enough bleach just make sure you put it

on the front first and if you're not

comfortable with bleaching your entire

front so just make sure you put it on

the front because that part must look

natural so yeah and there is also no set

time for you to leave your bleach

you leave your bleach all into your not

turn to the color and they are supposed

to be which can be which I own I leave

it all to the turns blue different

frontals have different times I have

some funnels that they'll be ready in

five minutes tummy ready in 10 stop take

a whole hour it's just a pen so you just

watching yourself check on it every five



and also what I'm doing now is pulling

out that um those hairs that are stuck

to the bleach you want to do that to

make sure that all you try your hardest

to not get those roots in line so just

pull the hairs out the bleach and um

you'll be good to go let this process

and remember check out every five


so now as you can see that frontal like

the UM that Sony have turned blood as

you can see the roots they're looking

pretty blood so that's good without the

roots with like towards the scalp area

is looking pretty blonde so that means

it's time to rinse it out

you're gonna um shampoo your fronts will

use this trimmer lights or any arm

violet or blue based on shampoo just um

tone-tone out the brassiness and then

we're gonna um go ahead and show you how

it looks against the skin and then we're

gonna proceed to UM give you all the

information you need to make your fronts

a week you will need a mesh don't count

this is the only cap I use no matter

what size the hair is and now I'm going

to show you the different hand sizes

okay the 21 is for the smaller hands the

22 is for the average normal heads and

in Twitter a 3.5 is for the bigger heads

like just look at my head you would use

a 23.5 for me and my kind today we're

gonna use the 22 on her because she's

our normal head of 21 would be smaller

that'll be like for somebody with a real

small head and then the Styrofoam head

is for somebody would like almost like a

kid size in it so yeah be mindful of

what you make your wig on because that

will determine how your week will see

and also where you place your tracks in

your front row on the couch will

determine how your we will see so pay

very close attention today make the best

judgment you can it's better to make a

week too big than too small because you

can always put an adjustable strap in a

too big week and make your feet but if

it's too small it's just not gonna work

so now we're gonna make sure that that

front triangle you're gonna place that

part of the cap in the front and the


rectangular part will go in the bank

once again we are using r22 or I don't

know if it's inches or feet whatever

size canvas black hair let me go to

stretch that cap all the way out and we

have a place a pin in the front and also

in the back and if you um that's not

smoke what you see is a excess bleach

powder because I don't be stunned by my

black hair color hair on them I doing

everything on them so yeah now please

pay very close attention to these next

few steps placement of your frontal is

so important because if you placed it

wrong you will [ __ ] up the whole week

excuse my language but there's just

straight back so what you want to do is

you want to hold the front so place it

directly in the middle and you're gonna

proceed to move it forward do not place

that front hairline directly on the edge

of the cap you know we will not be you

want to position that front so you want

to bring it down some more in front of

their own ends of the cap I would say at

least bring half of the front so in

front of the cap

I know you may think that it's not gonna

wear it's gonna be too big but I promise

you it's gonna fit just right

do not put the hairline of the Front's

on the edge of the cap because it's not

gonna work once you place their first EP

in the middle you're gonna stretch out

your front so you on both sides and then

you're gonna stretch it out in the

middle on the back of the frontal

and you're gonna place the pin in the

back in the middle after you stretch it

out make sure you're stretching that

Front's are completely out you don't

want any love any rolls any bubbles in

your frontal because it's just not gonna

look good if you have to rewind stealth

rewind steps don't worry about their

front being loose stop worrying about

the front focus on the back stay with me

focus on the back now I'm going to take

that right side fit up open the home

peel it for so you can see how it looks

and we're gonna stretch that directly to

the side we're not necessarily trying to

stretch it to the back we're stretching

it down to the side and wherever it

stops on the edge of the cap is where

you were pinning do not try to stretch

it all the way to the back just stretch

it down the side and whenever it stops

you see where your stop said don't try

to bring it back to the back of that

band you're gonna stop it right there

and whenever is left hanging off it's

fine because when you put your ring on

that part will be the part that covers

your ears then she will cut out but if

you stretch it all the way to the bank

now your wig is not gonna fit properly

okay I know I'm talking a lot but stay

with me it's okay to have excess frontal

hanging off on the edge that's actually

what you want so now once we got that

penis that with me I'm gonna come to

this other side we're gonna stretch that

down again as well and wherever it stops

on the edge of that cap you pin it in if

you see a lot hanging out that's fine

that's fine do not try to stretch their

frontal to the back because your phone

so when you get done it's not gonna work

it's not gonna fit around your ear

properly you want that excess lace so

you can turn it off so it can fit to

your hair properly you don't want that

lace to be already pre you know [ __ ]

up in an adult look right so yeah

wherever you stop it is where you're

pinning it now we're not doing yet in

between those two peers from the middle

in each side we're gonna also pull the

middle of that back

okay I'm sold out so I can understand

what I'm saying okay okay back at it

again you see that pan from the middle

in the side and at the bottom we're

gonna I'm gonna pinch the middle in

between those two pins and we're gonna

add another pin this is just to make

sure that some back of that filter is

stretched and his flat is no bubbles

there's no lumps no hooks we're gonna do

that on the same side again not the same

side but on the opposite side and

between that middle on pin and the pin

on the far left

you're gonna on pitch in between the

middle and you're gonna put it back and

you're gonna place a pin to secure it in



not after you got everything in the back

right make sure everything in the back

make sure that back of that function

looks you know smooth and flat now the

front I know you look at the front line

oh my god it has bubbles in it is that

it's not flat across the front

no you won't the front loose do not hang

up in the show you in a second what you

don't want do not pull the front row

like that on your weak because when you

take it out it's not gonna see leave

your throat to loose and the first start

worry about the front because when you

get doing and you cut the excess cap off

it's gonna be right it's not worried

about a front like a loose if the front

is tight take that frontal off and

reposition it make sure your back is

tight and right and you can leave the

front loose is gonna get tight in the

end so diver goes so from middle to one

side get done and we're gonna stop for a

middle to the other side now as you can

see I'm going and doing a regular stitch

you know another spectacular we just saw

in the front row down

and as you can see um when I'm a setup

I'm Angela chopstick is very quick in

and I'm uh I'm uh I'm gonna tell y'all

just a few seconds if some I know yeah I

think I'd be laughing too so I get

passionate about this anyway uh keep

somewhere now you see that thick that's

that thick um a thick back black pants

do not sew over them

you want your waitress tricks just in

case you by chance make it a little bit

you smile you want so we've dispensed do

not sow or any big part of this count

because if you do your weight will not

be able to stretch and you better make

sure damn so did it did so he okay so

don't not so on the dick part anything

part of this cow because you're gonna

interfere with the stretching of your

weed you want to make sure that so we

can stretch so it can be comfortable you

do not want something just sitting on

your head giving you a cuff to hit it

and you don't want to do all this work

and they have to take it down and do it

again so don't so a big part and um

we're almost done with this side and

I'll show you again that you don't want

to bring your needle all the way through

um now when you get to this side down

here at the bottom you have no choice

but to start on the big part of the cap

but you want to make sure you're not

bringing that needle all the way through

the cap you just want to sew through

that top layer so you're not sewing

through the actual elastic of the week

the elastic is what stretches the week

and you're gonna see that in just a

second I'm a pop back in again just to

make sure y'all with me because I know

I'm feeding y'all a lot of information

at the same time so yeah I'm popping in

don't worry you have to have your way

clipping that's the way make your life

easier work smarter not harder



by pop pop pop I'll back up back like I

said again do that take your needle all

the way through that thick part of their

own cap you wanna take it through very

lightly through that very very top layer

and you will see it what should make it

your hallway is kind of like you'll see

like the two different layers on the big

part take it to that first layer do not

take it through that part that it's big

because you're gonna make your wing too

tight and it's not gonna want to stretch

it is not gonna fit your hand so make

sure your sewing is only through the

actual cap and not through the cap and

be elastic take your time when doing

this this is maybe somebody out first

from so we take your time there is no

need to rush okay and now as you sew on

as you sew the sides down on as you get

closer to the tee pinch you could just

take the pouch away and you can just

stick them in your arm

black hand now once we get done with

this we're gonna make a knot and then

we're gonna go back to the building I'm

gonna beat those same steps on the other

side make sure your stitches are close

together make sure you are stitching me

because your front toe is really your

wing if the front so is messed up the

whole week is messed up your chance to

the back you know you can sleek mix

those up but your from your fronts are

got to be tight and white so follow

these steps

I know country podcast and me sometimes

but I'm really trying to explain as best

as I can in our storm yeah as you can

see I say I'm allowed a lot I'm probably

gonna say like fifty thousand times I

brought a sample a war for saying all

but I can't help you out this is hot

towel haven't you guys supposed to say

all your vocabulary

you must be professional but [ __ ] there

I'm sorry I can't do it I'm asking not

right now so you can't be saying all

people down sighs just look past that

focus on what we doing now as you can

see also another on the side again I'm

just repeating the same stuff that I

just did on the right side




so now if we finish this time I'm gonna

make a knife and I'm gonna show you guys

how they're fun to look your stitches

should be neat and their frontal should

be flat now what I'm gonna do now um

just get the function out the way in to

make sure that I am going in the right

direction which making my week apart all

my weeks down the middle and I do a

braid on each side this is not necessary

if you feel like this is going to throw

you off don't worry about it I know I do

you know sometimes I be doing too much

but it really helps me what I do is I

make a braid on each side and as I'm

braiding um you'll see I pulled the lace

in the front for it and I'll do that

until I'm finished with the whole

cornrow braid whatever you want to call

it and then the front looks good and I

don't see any bubbles and it looks

pretty good then I know that once I put

it on my clients head or my head that is

gonna be right if you do those two

braids make sure you pull the front

forward know that cuz you know if you

don't you gonna have bubbles but when

you braid it and you pull that front for

it and it looks really good and it looks

like it's gonna lay right then you said

of the right narration but if you break

that front down and even after you

poured the lace for in the front and she

bring and then they look it too good you

know like when pray you might wanna you

know we sewing down you know just make

sure just make sure you follow all my

steps I feel like y'all won't mess up


but this brain in the front is not

necessary I just do this to make sure

personally I don't know where I learned

this from but I just started doing it

one day and I was like okay if I prayed

it in a lady's white and I see how it

lays on once this brainy I'd know where

to lay right on the Klan's it so yeah

once again this is optional if you feel

like this is gonna fix you up don't

worry about it just clip your front side

away but as for me I break all my front

rows whether it occurred in a straight

and I just do this to get an idea of how

their hair like their hair lines gonna

look 1 & 2 it um if I'm gonna have any

bubbles in the for it and if I feel like

I'm gonna have like Oh a large amount of

bubbles in the front I take that whole

[ __ ] off and start over again because

you you don't wanna um if you know

something that's messed up go ahead and

fix it now don't try to fix them on the

clients hair after you don't mess it up

no you need to fix it down that way you

won't have to worry about nothing when

it's time to put all the clients here

but just to install it okay so now we're

gonna take our own bundles we work from

longest inch up to the shortest inch

unless you're doing about if you're

doing a bob your work from shortest inch

on the bottom and longish inch I can't

talk far nothing and longest inch on the

top but we're starting with the longest

inch on the bottom then we're gonna work

our way up to the shortest now we

actually are going to start on the big

part but once again if you feel like you

got messed up don't start on that big

part just go ahead and start on the

actual cap that's gonna be in the very

nape of the neck anyway so it's not even

necessary to sew hair on that part but I

just like to because I try to light the

own I had to get as much hair at the wig

as I possibly can and we're gonna be

singling our webs normally when I do

like a sewing or wet now I double my

whips and sometimes I know my works on

the wings as well but you'll see as as

you make ways over time there we're

making a wig you use more hair so what

you only have three bundles you

definitely want to stick or your chest

when I have like about four or more

bundles I like to double look and then

just single the top so it lays flat but

if it's three you want to single it

especially if they're longer inches like

24 26 28 30

he doesn't want to single your tracks so

now I'm showing you that you don't want

a secret either all the way through that

cap and the elastic you just want to

stick it through that part you see that

you see how they're on apart that's what

you call the cap before you start be

sticking through the cap and the elastic

and that's not what you want you want to

stick it through only just the cap and

you want to start sewing we start sewing

at the very nape and we keep going back

and forth left and fourth Wow

we keep going back left and right left

or right left or right to get to the top

and then you're gonna switch it up a

little bit I don't start start directly

behind the front door

you can't I just don't do that I've had

bad experiences in the past so I

literally just do it like I would do my

frontal sewing I start in the back and I

worked my way up so now I'm gonna just

go ahead and on so this first track and

when it's time to fall I'm gonna come

back to try to give you guys some

insight on that


so now do not cut your tracks it is not

necessary to cut your tracks in the back

or the middle of your week all you have

to do is simply just follow the track

over so now that's just the line of my

camera which I'm always doing you gotta

follow their track over and you see

you're gonna make a crease whenever you

follow the track you're gonna make a

crease and what you do is you're gonna

take your needle through both is of that


you're gonna arm so that maybe one or

two times you know make that tight and

then you just go keep on going about

your busy you go so you're a second row

star you do is just make that crease

make that crease on fo let me say it

like that make that so tight so do both

tracks on that fo and now you have your

second row starting you're just gonna

keep going now we're still sewing all

the thick part of the band but as I said

before we just saw it on through the cap

and not the elastic now it's a little

it's a space of that thick bed like at

the top with a lot of thread in it you

definitely do not do that so on that

part but you can start on their own the

part of the banner doesn't have all

their extra three in it but yeah do not

start on those vertical um think bands

with a lot of thread in it and those

salt on those horizontal bands with a

lot of three and because that is what

make sure we extract and it also gives

you a weak security and you don't want

to mess that up by putting tracks we're

not putting tracks I'll pull a thread

through it um you know it makes it go

off it makes sure where you go off so

now I'm just gonna continue sewing and

I'm gonna pop back in every now and then

just to make sure we're on track








and now we're getting close to home so

on the tracks behind the front so we're

still currently on our first bundle

because these bundles from a stereo

hairdo come thick and come with a lot of

track anyway back to the week you are

you so it's close to the front so as you

can get but you do not so all the

frontal and we repeat that you so as

close to the front so as you can get and

I mean as you can see the trek is like

literally like damn Derek connected to

the front but I promise you they are

nuts you don't want to grab the front to

end your track while saw him because

what it does is especially if you so

tight like me you cause the front tool

to be pull in a direction that it

doesn't need to be pulled in your

toaster is already tight and secure it

doesn't need any way through any and

when you do so um when you do grab your

front so while sewing your track scene

you actually do create bubbles in your

front stone and that's not what you want

to do so you want to sew as closely as

possible to the front so as you can even

while still folding your tracks but do

grab any part of the frontal because you

will cause bubbles especially if you're

so tight all I do is when I get to the

arm it when I get to the end of that

front so all I do is fold it over I

start in between their own phone and

then I keep going on starting on my new

world that I have made I hope you guys

understand what I'm saying




so now we are family dealt with sewing

in one full bundle of the way as you can

see is definitely enough space to fit

the other two bundles in now how you

connect your new bundle to the wig I'll

do is take my new bun do I open it and I

take my needle and I stick it through

the weft of the track and I just keep on

sewing is nothing really hard and the

next one to the week I just thought that

I should explain it just so you guys can

know exactly what I was doing


and also let me give you a quick tip on

someone in your bundles on your wing

make sure that you are leaving some

space in between each track I know you

thinking like no I don't want any spaces

I don't want of any track showing well

baby I promise you if you don't put no

spaces in between your tricks you're

gonna run out of hair do not be like me

when I first started on make it weak

I got my own I'll be throwing those

bundles so close together and then you

get to the top and you ain't got no hair

and then you gotta take care from the

bank finesses to the front and then now

your wig is really looking Skippy so now

I may shoot your arm leaving a decent

amount of space in between each track

that way you can have enough hair so

fully covered the cap the only part of

the week that must be sound close

together is at the very arm front behind

the falter because you don't want any

spaces in between that but everything

else please leave space because you're

gonna run out of hair and then you're

gonna be sitting there looking crazy do

not be like me still I look crazy

just follow my steps and you gonna be

the right gonna be on the right path




once again I'm analyst of the bed in the

night the bathroom but no man all this

stuff in the background not wearing my

next I'm regretting it look at the wig

look at the week so that once we get

close to the top we don't want to follow

those trace because we don't want to

make of like any hubs so yeah we're

gonna cut the track I know some of y'all

literally like hate kind of tricks like

accuser you're inside but baby you don't

watch a week to be lumpy you want you

week to lay flat you don't want nobody

cell always humping ability you want to

meet too late for that so please cut

those tracks at the top of the wig when

you get close to being done I know it's

probably killing you the inside but yeah

it's gonna help you at the end so yeah I

definitely cut the tracks once I get to

the top so every day can lay flat and I

don't have any hugs because when you

part your hair and you try to cover your

frontal in the back the more you fold

towards the top the more hair you have

to use to cover the tracks of the bank

and the more it looks lumpy in boxy so

yeah just catch the tracks make your

life better



and now we have a few tricks left over

it that's fine if you want to go ahead

and add those back in between those

phases you care but I chose not to

because I wick is pretty full enough

as you can see that way it was

definitely laying flat and that is

exactly what you want to do so I'm gonna

take out all your teepees and you're

gonna take your wig completely off of

the canvas blockade and they're not as

you can see in the inside you have

excess cap underneath the front so you

definitely want to cut that on part out

so that on when you place the front saw

all the clients here that on there um

and look scalping throughout the whole

entire phone to see y'all cut the excess

Kappa become photo be careful though cuz

if you make a mistake it cut the front

or the thread that's on the front row to

the week you can mess up the whole week

and there you go get frustrating it may

be Kissin everybody out see ya if you

have to leave just a little bit of the

black cap on there that's fine that's


it is like a mess up nothing but dude I

cut that funnel three trying to cut that

black cap off too close

as you can see that to get brighten up

as you can see look at that that oh okay


once again I did not plug anything like

a baby I do not like your work

see this one will talk about where you

were with a quality company you ain't

got a plug that you can just go about

your business so now with all my curly

units I go ahead and go wash them before

I install it on clients or you know

whatever I do whatever but I definitely

call my curling with this arm my

straightener by the way view this I

doubt her westrom but curling hair I

just feel like you have to co wash is

just so you get on get the true look of

the curl because the curl that um comes

out of the pack it's not the curl that

it's gonna be see I like to go ahead and

come wash it I wanna hit a blow dry the

hair line and now what I'm doing now I

do this to all my ways to get that super

melted look before I even put it on the

clients here I'll go ahead and take my

hot comb on the highest setting and a

hot comb the hair on back what this does

is um I see my cover issues to do and I

was clinging by Bo my old co-worker she

used to do this and I was ever wonder

why was she doing it I was like it's

really you know not doing anything but

as I started doing it I've noticed like

a difference like I feel like the lace

just melts melt into the skin

I don't know why but it just does so I

do it and I woulda hit it all right back

up the weak or because you know I didn't

blow drying a hot cup so it did get a

little frizzy and dry towards the top so

now we don't know it'll go ahead

detangling my hair be that this is super

curly hair this afro curly hair you want

to brush the hair from the bottom the

ends and work your way to the top

that's what detangling anything you work

your way from the bottom

go up towards the top almost like a dog

gonna show you guys um I have the

scalpel this photo is looking really

fleeky light as you can see look at that

cow cow

okay scapula is then shoot down and

that's what you get when you a laggard

ice to bleach they'll be trying to sit

down no we still are trying to type beat

you're nauseous then it bleach till it

turns blood stop trying to do that 2025

15 10 minutes just let it just let the

frontal bleach let it do its job so now

I'm gonna show you out that beautiful

care of panel y'all if yeah I don't know

about curly hairs my favorite like I'm

just looking so rich and now we're here

about Barbara Coco um yes she um does it

where we've really really um she does

from time to time she uh mostly wears

like a lock twist

sometimes she may wear an afro but very

rarely of she wears a lot of oh I would

say uh more on the masculine side

hairstyles but I begged her for

literally a whole year y'all I was like

please try frou-frou and she finally let

me do this though when I hit it is style

that we that I just show y'all how I

base from start to finish

Oh hair today we went for a double baby

hair look because you know I wanted to

keep it on at a very um I want to keep

the test I very comfortable for her

because I know it's something new to her

but as I can see uh baby girl was loving

it and I did try a new method yeah I

actually use lace tip for the first time

but um but struck out that is the newer

videos we used the actual a steam

because it definitely um it definitely

belts a hurl a sense of war

try to things you know during the days

you know letting do the technique so

yeah I think you guys so much

it's the yeah later