Lab-Grown Rubies and Sapphires: Flux Vs. Flame Fusion

hello my name is Tom Chatham I'm

president of Chatham created gems in San

Francisco I

what a talk today about Ruby created


if it's red it's called a ruby if it's

any other color it's called the Sapphire

there are basically three different

types there's flame fusion there is

Tchaikovsky or pulled type of sapphire

and there is the flux ground sapphire

the crystal structure in a flame fusion

ruby or pulled Ruby and Sapphire is very

disoriented because of the way it was

made now this is the way it formed and

it looks like glass it is not a natural

crystal face this is a flux grown Ruby

Chatham is the pioneer in this

particular area takes 8 months to grow

this crystal and it is identical to the

natural Ruby or sapphire legally people

can call this a created ruby or sapphire

depending upon the color geologically

speaking it's not the same at all


in the flame fusion sapphire it

basically can melt the constituent of

what corundum the mineral sapphire is

made out of and you can melt it and

achieve something that is similar to the

naturally occurring stone it has some of

the characteristics it's very

inexpensive it's very easy to make it

cost about a penny a carat takes about

an hour to make it doesn't look like a

natural ruby or sapphire it doesn't test

as a natural ruby or sapphire

the flux grown Ruby and Sapphire takes 8

to 10 months to grow and what we've done

is duplicated the conditions that we

think exists deep in the earth we stand

back and nature grows as crystal this

hasn't been cut and polished to look

like this this is the way it would look

if it was found in the earth usually not

so nice on the outside but the internal

structure is identical and it is a

process that can't be hurried and it

takes an expert gemologist to separate

the flux grow sapphire or Ruby from the

natural the advantage of using the flux

grown sapphire or Ruby is it because the

structure is identical you get the same

brilliance the same reflection of light

from the crystal structure that is what

made emeralds rubies sapphires so

attractive to people in the first place

if you just want a colored stone flame

fusion or glass would be sufficient but

as you know when you see a piece of

colored glass it doesn't look like a

gemstone so the answer is Chatham the

only company in the world that grows

Affleck's grown sapphire