Watch Paul Wesley React to Nina Dobrev Saying They DESPISED Each Other on Vampire Diaries (Exclusive

when she said is absolutely true that's

Paul Wesley reacting to Nina Dobrev

claims they once despised each other

while filming the Vampire Diaries

Paul and I didn't get along at the

beginning of the show I respected Paul

Wesley I didn't like Paul and I realize

now that there's a fine line between

love and hate and we despise each other

so much that it read as love but it was

like burning this just like we really

just didn't get along at the first maybe

five months of shooting first of all

Nina's my really good friend now we talk

all the time and it's true when we first

started shooting the Vampire Diaries

we totally clashed it's just like it

just did we didn't creatively it just

wasn't in sync the fans would never have

known that but we like we're basically

driving each other insane and then after

a few seasons we developed this absolute

mutual love and I actually think that my

best friendships always come from like

this kind of like evolution and so now I

just adore her she adores me and and I

talk to her probably more than most of

the other cast members but but yeah what

and then Alyssa I texted yeah I'm like

what is this

am i keyed out and I actually was I

think she did the podcast on Candice

Candice Kings podcast or whatever I was

actually with Candice and she's like oh

my god they and so it was a little bit

blown out of proportion but but yeah

it's true we had them you know she was

just like oh my god I'm so sorry wait

why why did they you know but but know

is it's true it's true but our account

you know and I think the people the

reason people were surprised because you

know it was sort of like the the pillar

of the the love story I suppose in the

first few seasons or whatever and I

think people were like

you know what do you mean they didn't

get along