I speak like I graduated Oxford and if

you're questioning and if you're not

sure and hey I got some time sorry

okay guys so I'm gonna give you some

pointers some tips that you must know

before going to Korea way so first of

all get yo ass there early okay hurry up

especially if you're on the bright side

if you go to the ceremony there will be

a room where the bride is sitting down

in a beautiful gown and there will be

always a lady probably helping her out

with her dress and you take turns to

take pictures with there and that's

probably gonna be the best time or the

most one-on-one time that you have with

her to say congratulations and take

selfies and stuff like that and you need

to move your ass because there's other

people there are gonna be lots of people

waiting for you like afterwards like

trying to take their turn so get there a

little bit early probably if the

ceremony yesterday mine was a 6 p.m. so

we got there at 5 p.m. so if you're

close with Jill frame get there at 5

p.m. if you're not that close with your

friend you can get there like a 5:30 and

squeeze a little selfie but usually if

you're close with them get there early


and for the groom side usually the

parents of each side

they're waiting like outside to say

hello to everyone and the Croom is with

the parents and they're just he's just

standing there with the parents so you

can just say hello and then usually you

go to the bride and say hello and take


okay so this is the most important thing

this is like the most thing that people

are very stressed about and they don't

have a standard so I'm gonna tell you

what um maybe it's

different in different countries but how

it is in Korea is you usually pay a

certain amount to just congratulate your

friend and most probably hundred percent

of the places wedding ceremonies they do

have envelopes so you just bring your

own cash you know I'm saying if it's a

colleague that you're not close with

it's like your coworker usually the

Korean standard say you have to pay

about $50 Oman on and if you're close

with them then you pay about Shuman on

if you are already like working and

you're kinda you do have your financial

status and you're okay to spend a little

bit more money or us like when we're 34

around there usually people pay around

$200 if you're really close with them

it's like one of your best friends for

me my ass paid five hundred dollars

yesterday and the reason is because I

made a bet with my friend Scarlett

we made this bet literally like five

years ago when we were like 30 or

twenty-nine or something twenty-eight

and then what we said was like let's

make the bet whoever gets married first

then the other person has to pay $500

and then we were joking around but we've

been joking around about it if we were

if we started at twenty nine thirty we

were talking about it for like five

years you know so it really wasn't a

joke anymore so I just felt like right

now I don't pay that much to my best

friends like even if they're one of my

closest friends I will never pay like

five hundred I think I mean it comes up

from the heart like financially if I'm

struggling of course if even if I pay

less my friend will be very like

thankful because she knows what's up

with my financial problems but anyway so

I made a bet that I had to keep my word

so yeah that's what happened now this is

really important for them because this

helps to pay for their venue you know

their we know wedding dresses or boo

Fair or whatever they need their

honeymoon so usually in Korea we do it

with money and one more thing a lot of

foreigners don't know but I wanted to

let you know that in Korea if you're

really close with the bright for

sample right I'm on the bright side you

don't give the money to the official

place but you will get the envelope and

then you would give it to like one of

her best friends who's like taking the

money so for everybody who turns it in

officially they gather the money and

they calculate and I think they like

know exactly how much money came and

then they split there where they do

whatever the things like they do however

the extra money that goes into just

directly my friends pocket and you know

the other best friend is kind of taking

care of her for her then they get to use

it for just their useless like they

don't have to split it or pay for the

venue or whatever they need it too but

they kind of use it for their honeymoon

or extra you know money they need it so

if you're really really close with them

you're supposed to be like oh you know

like where do you want me to put it you

know like where do you want me to give

it and then they all let you know like

give it to that friend you know with

them you know with with a huge bag or

they say oh you can just go ahead and

pay officially so that's one tip if

you're really close with that friend you

can kind of ask now for the actual

ceremony this is where it gets a little

bit tricky or different because the

venue's in Korea will be usually in a

church or at a hotel or at a place

specifically where they do wedding

events now the church will be very

simple and easy and will be the same so

I'm gonna leave that out with the hotels

usually you have the table and that's

how it was for us yesterday it wasn't a

hotel I was like a convention hall that

was kind of like a hotels where you have

a table already in front of you the meal

courses come and they serve you so it's

really simple you can just eat there

enjoy the wedding and then eat while

you're doing so and while you're eating

the bride and the groom and the parents

will come like one by one and say hello

and thank you so much for coming it's

like an official hello so it won't be

really long but that's very simple you

just sit there and you can eat and you

don't have to worry about anything now

this is where it gets the most important

and to be honest this is why I really

personally don't like Korean weddings

much but the ceremonial Hall once it

gets really busy and gets really packed

so you have like literally four other

weddings or three other or at least two

other weddings happening at the same

floor usually so it's so Hector

everything's super loud and the

ceremony's like last literally 20

minutes or maximum 30 minutes and that

you're out the door so some people a

over gaps like you're already doing your

ceremony but other people like out there

you know they're trying to you know get

the envelope and pay or they're saying

hello to everyone you can hear them

because like the event hall or whatever

the section it doesn't close you can

literally you're you're watching your

friend's wedding but there's like

strangers like out there walking around

that's really love to be honest like if

you have to do it there yes we do what

we got to do and I might have to do it

there too but one thing I really don't

want to do it there because I feel like

even if the close friends that want to

come to my wedding or my family members

and they want to focus like they

wouldn't be able to because of the

environment and I think it really sucks

like at the end but you know we do what

we got to do cause like the event halls

are much more affordable compared to the

hotels it's really really expensive in

Korea so yeah I think it's really

difficult to find really good you know

places that you can have a really good

like wedding and especially if you are

someone like me I want I don't like it

when it's too loud I like stuff more

private so yeah that's gonna be a huge

homework for me but getting sidetracked

again talk about me cuz it's all about

me and usually this is for all the cases

but when you walk in the hall and that

is the middle the right side is the

bright side and the left side is your

groom site so whichever side you fit in

you can just go and sit down so I think

this is very similar to the states too

but I remember right after the ceremony

is the group pictures so usually the

announcer or whoever time see will be

like oh okay so family and community

around and we'll take their pictures and

first they ask the family members to

come up and take the group picture and

after it's like the friends and

co-workers I come up and then they take

the pictures so usually I think this was

very similar to American Wedding I've

only been to two so I don't really

remember mine was at both of them was at

a church so I don't really remember but

let me know how it is for you guys in

your country I'm so excited to hear

about the different cultures like how

you gift them if you've paid them money

or like if you have a special ceremony

or things like that

now the buffet this is the most

important thing of everything we live to

eat you know I'm saying there's a phase

and career success

well what sorry that one one day means

like we do it for the food you know we

do it so that we can provide food on our

table but anyways guys and as I

mentioned before usually for hotels you

already have the table going on and you

can just eat there on your seats which

makes it so much easier now for the

others like the churches or a wedding

hall usually what you do is after the

ceremony is over everybody heads out to

eat so usually when you turn in the

money you'll get a ticket so the person

that's like officially taking the money

and stuff like that they give you a

ticket so you can go to the buffet and

um even if you don't like a pay right

there if you just say oh I mean like

three more tickets to the buffet they

just give it to you don't ask like who

like what do you mean three like why do

you need three let me see the three

people they're not like that you know

but they just give you whatever how many

ever you asked for and it's like the

same as any other poufy um you know you

get the plates and then you eat and one

bad thing that I just wanted to mention

is some people don't even watch this

wedding ceremony like especially the not

everyone okay not majority but some like

Korean parents who are not really close

with the people that are actually

getting married if they're like a

friend's friend or a friends friends

friend or something and they came

together they usually don't even watch

the ceremony they like pay the like

envelope and you know to congratulate

them and then there

just like out the door you don't watch

the ceremony they just go and they just

eat first all right guys thank you so

much for watching I hope that you guys

enjoy it tips that you must know before

going to a Korean wedding and I hope

that even if you aren't going to a

Korean wedding this helped you to kind

of soak in or realize or experience the

Korean culture in a way yeah I hope that

this was interesting because it's always

interesting for me to hear about a

different culture so let me know from

your country any specific wedding

cultures that you guys might have or

things that may be very very interesting

please comment below and I hope that you

also enjoyed my best friend Scarlett's

wedding she is one of my closest friends

and I'm so happy for her and I don't

know if you watch all my videos but I

just want to say I love you so much and

congratulations and you know you know

you know which I love you and also let

me know if you guys like me talking

about other topics more than skincare

too if it was interesting for you guys

please let me know I love you guys so

much and I will see you guys next time

and God bless you I love every single

one of you and I hope y'all beautiful

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Scarlett yeah I just wanted to show you

what a Korean wedding is all about

yeah okay Derek therefore was it's very



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