KNEE LIFT by Dr.Scottsdale

all right so we're gonna be doing a knee

lift and again some people do with eye

lifts in order to correct this problem

her problems isolated to her knees so

we're just gonna cut this extra skin out

and again she has more muscle mass over

here vastus medialis as opposed to

vastus lateralis so our incisions are

gonna be a little bit off

all right and again you have really good

skin that's good so we always start with

the lower aspect of our incision so we

know how much we're gonna cut off its

the procedure for sure but

so now we just go and slowly lift all


you feel it


the lice here that allows me to pull and

mark the skin as far as I can get right

here well we're going to split this and

we can see that this comes together real

easy which means I can go a little bit

more to make sure that we get as much as

we can get off for her so that way she

ends up with nice smooth knees yes

that's the reason we're doing this right

so now we can pull and get rid of all

this extra skin for her again here

really good skin on the inside

by July