The Best Running Exercises to Increase Knee Lift

I'm Morissette and this is the best

running exercises to increase the knee

lift okay so the best thing that we

found to increase the knee lift and

running is actually more of a drill that

we teach our clients during the warm-up

and recovery phases of a run workout so

I'm going to show you how to do that in

just second really you don't need any

equipment you just need pair of shoes in

some space basically all you're going to

do stand neutral hands by your side

we're going to start just jogging in

place very small steps one leg at a time

we're going to engage the hamstrings

keep the core tight and lift the knee

okay all we're doing is lifting the knee

just like so you can start it where you

stagger it and then you can progress to

every other step lifting the knee do

about ten to twelve on one side ten to

twelve on the other side what you can

also do as the course of a run if you

get fifteen minutes into a run you can

stop for a moment take a break and as

you're walking to recover you can do the

knee lift drill just to really get that

motor pattern ingrained in your mind and

in your body so as you're running you

remember to lift the knee it becomes

more automatic