What are the Dimensions of a King Size Bed? How long and wide is a King Size Adjustable Bed?

you may be wondering is a king size

adjustable bit really right for me

aren't king sized beds too big Plus will

a king size bed be too expensive in this

video you are going to learn how king

size adjustable beds can offer an

unbeatable sleep experience you are also

going to learn how an adjustable king

size bed will offer unprecedented rest

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the truth is that other adjustable bed

sizes like a full size adjustable bed or

great but if you can spare the room

adjustable king-size beds offer more

room to stretch and spread out if you

have a bed partner being able to move

around freely and not fight for real

estate can be a big bonus the king size

adjustable bed base is the same size as

a king size mattress so you don't need

to worry about squeezing in a bunch of

machinery to fit the mattress easy rest

adjustable beds have small quiet motors

that fit neatly under the bed what's the

size of a king size bed exactly

generally king sized beds are about 78

inches wide and 80 inches long when

searching for king bed size online

you'll find that they all fit within

this size range the nice thing about an

easy rest adjustable king sized bed is

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make sure you have enough room for the

size bed you want this is a huge plus

what other bed manufacturer goes to such

lengths to make sure you're happy

not only does someone personally make

sure you're ordering the perfect sized

bed for your room and needs but when

they deliver it to your bedroom they'll

set it up and make sure that everything

is in a hundred percent perfect working

order before they leave when you finally

have your king sized adjustable bed in

your home you'll immediately know that

you made the right decision with more

room to sleep watch TV read books or

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