Kings Appointed By The Perfect King

before i begin this video

i want to give all praise honor and

glory to you

and also uh the honors to the apostles

and the others of great millstone they

continue to rule very well to this very


that is uh also likewise feeding the

flaw through the spirit

and power of y'all bash me on shy and i


shall warm to the whole feeling that's

our labor and it's well in this work

that's continually planning this work

and continually

spreading forth more edification to the

other members of the whole field

in faith and in truth and sincerity and

all charity

now um topic this video is gonna be

entitled the perfect king

okay the perfect king now of course

if the spirit has it to where i titled

this video

and give it another i'll tell you the

video differently and give it another

title um of course i'm gonna

change the title up and just uh move

according to the spirit

but um you know this is something i was

meditating on earlier

concerning uh the previous uh

kings of israel in which uh

when you go into the uh the history

of all the kings of the nation of israel

you know you notice

that all these kings that were first set


all met an end

okay and also as well even before

you had um

you know men that were appointed as


okay you already had

our rulers of the nation of israel that

were set up

okay but you had a time to where uh

israel was uh

in a rebellious spirit and

they wanted kings like the other nations

to be appointed over them all right but

here it is they already had a king that

was appointed over them all right

and if you go you know if you uh if you

can't receive it

you know during that time all right

before you had uh

official kings that were appointed by

prophets you had

um the rulers are already there okay

in case in point uh samuel okay because

samuel was set up

as a as a judge and a ruler over the

nation of israel

all right but they wanted a a carnal

king if i can put it you know if i can

say it like that

uh they wanted a carnal king that was uh

put up over them

just like the other nations all right

and to rule over them

okay but like i mentioned before you

know you had uh kings

that were there and rulers that were

there even before before time man

okay uh the the original judges that

were there that was judging israel

okay but as you can see due to that

right throughout that time starting from


right and then from solomon to king


all right because even uh king david uh

man nin

all right you know he was subject to

going off okay

likewise uh his son uh solomon

okay solomon was known as uh the

greatest king

to ever rule and guess what he even met


all right but he was still known as as

the greatest king

to ever reign okay

and now in this time all right you have

the king all right the ultimate king

right the king of kings that is still

alive and well to this very day

all right and through his rule

all right you also have going to have

kings that are going to be appointed

over this land over the planet earth

that's never going to mean then all

right because everything

starts with him all right and that him

that i'm talking about

is talking about yahweh shai who these

people integrally called jesus

okay so i'm gonna go ahead and jump into

the precepts i have here

uh first i'm gonna grab first samuel

let's see first samuel chapter eight

yeah first samuel chapter eight verse

five it says

uh it's like i'm starting at verse

verse four it says then all the elders

of israel gathered themselves together

and came to samuel on to rama and said

unto him

behold thou are old

and thy son and our sons walk not in thy

ways now make us a king that judges like

all the nations right

and this is at the point where israel

going after uh mining the things of the


one king over them like the other

nations all right because the other

nations had

you know kings that were ruling over

them um

you know official kings that are rolling

over them that were

in a certain class of people

and they wanted they wanted a person

that ruled over them just like that

all right

uh verse uh six it says but the theme

displeased samuel

when they said it give us a king to

judge us and samuel prayed unto the lord

ye how about you

shy and the lord said unto samuel

hearken unto the voice of the people

and all that they say unto thee for they

have not rejected thee

right but they have rejected me

that i should not reign over them right

so at the end of the day you how about

shimyasha reigns over you

to where you shouldn't need a king

over you okay because you how about

i was at a rule over us man and that's

why he appointed yeah i was trying to be

the ruler

okay the most high yeah i will appoint

you how was shy to be ruler

overall okay

so in this time when they when the lord

said this really he was saying that they

have rejected yahweh shy

all right because yahweh shah was

appointed to be

uh important to reign over the people

okay and likewise the heavenly father


all right which is obi how was shy okay

and which how was the true name of the

heavenly father

okay so again he said but they have

rejected me that i should not reign over


um he says according to all the works

which they have done since the day

that i brought them up out of egypt even

on to this day where with they have

forsaken me

and served other guys so they do also

onto thee

all right

so i'll move on from there i'm gonna

grab uh the book of acts chapter seven


acts chapter seven and this is that

verse thirty

34 it says i have seen

i have seen the affliction of my people

which is in egypt

and have heard their groaning and them


down to deliver them and now come

i will send thee unto egypt or into


this moses whom they refused

saying who made the ruler a ruler and a

judge right

and that's what what happened during

that time when moses was uh leading

the israelites out of egypt okay and he


oh he was set up over the israelites

right and

he uh set up the priesthood richard he

set up aaron

the house of aaron to be over other


okay and they were uh

you know saying that you know who made

the a ruler and a judge

and likewise also that's why his sister


came up against him and guess what

happened to her she got cursed

all right she got cursed with leprosy

you know she

during that time when she got cursed

with leprosy she looked like

you're um she looked like a so-called

white woman

all right

so we're reading on from there it says

uh the same did the most high

sin to be a ruler and a deliverer

by the hand of the angel which appeared

to him in the bush right

so the most i was the one that appointed

moses to be

a ruler and a deliverer by the hand of

the angel right

and should get that angel is yeah how

about shimmy outside

okay uh

he brought them out after that as sen uh

that he has showed wonders and signs

in the land of egypt in the red sea and

the wilderness 40 years all right

so this shows you that uh before you had


the house of saul in the house of david

all right you had rulers

that were already set over the nation of


okay that uh brings me to a scripture


if you read it i believe it's in the

book of isaiah yeah isaiah the 29th

chapter right

so isaiah chapter 29 tells you who your

rulers are okay

um that's 34 slot you gonna go 29

isaiah chapter 29 you know this is ad

verse uh

yep verse 10. get straight to the point

it says for the lord your how about

shameless i have poured

upon you i poured out upon you the

spirit of deep sleep

and have closed your eyes the prophets

and your rulers the seers have you

covered all right

so in this time the lord poured out the

spirit of de-sleep

all right so to where they cannot

discern who their prophets and their

seers are but here it is in the same


it says the prophets and your rulers and

the seers have you covered

all right so who is your rulers the

rulers are the prophets and the seers

okay those are your rulers that's why

samuel was appointed a a ruler

moses was appointed a ruler why because

they were prophets

all right there are problems in their



so you're looking at your rulers all

right the prophets that are

are teaching and putting their lives on

the line to edify

the house or the most high like the

house of david

those are your rulers man okay

here it is we are in the house and by

ways you know prophesying

about the kingdom of the most high and

you're not knowing that you know these


are not are not knowing and they don't

realize that

you're actually looking at your rules

that are on the house and byways

all right because they see us as common

men but they don't understand that we

we've been given an unction

from the most high to do this

all right so i'm gonna move

from there i'm gonna get uh the book of

nehemiah chapter 13.

let's see nehemiah chapter 13. and um

oops it's like

13 is uh verse 26.

it says uh did not solomon king of

israel sin by these things and and

solomon went off by

aligning himself with with the the gods

of the other nations

all right he and he did that because

because uh by the other woman all right

he was latching on to the gods of the

other woman which could cause him to go


all right

and you know our people were like well

you know he went out because he was

having multiple women he was doing this

and that well

you can have multiple women okay you can

have them the other nations that just as

your concubines you can have multiple


the the point where solomon went off at

was that

he was aligning himself and he was


different temples to the other gods of

the women of the other nations that he

was dealing with

and that's what the most high was

displeased in okay

now reading going back at verse 26 says

did not solomon king of israel sinned by

these things yet among many nations was

was there no king like him who was

beloved of his power

and the most high made him king over it

over all israel

nevertheless even him did our land as

women caused the sin

see so even king solomon the king that

there was no there was no other king

after him yet he himself

went off okay likewise king david

the great as great as a king he was man

he went off


so i'll move on from there and get the

book of john chapter 12 and this is what

i was saying earlier concerning

because shy which you already know who

he was in the reincarnation

i just said it right but those who can

receive it

yahoo shai was given that that position

he was given

that um that lot to be king overall

to be the ruler over of all and what you


okay so it's the book of john chapter 12

and this is that uh verse

um verse 12. it says on the next day

much people that will come to the feasts

when they heard that yeah showers coming

to jerusalem took branches of palm trees

and went forth to meet him and cried

hosanna all right now that word hosanna

if you look it up in the hebrew that

word hosanna means uh

howard shai na ah all right

how would shy na'a which means save us


all right

so again it says and cry uh howard shai

na uh

blessed is the king of israel that

cometh in the name of the lord

and yahushua when he had found a young

ass sat there on

as it is written uh

fear not daughter zion behold thy king


sitting on an ass's coat these things

understood not as disciples at the first

but when howard shaw was glorified then


they that these things were written of

him and they

and that they had done these things

until okay

so again yeah i was given the the


of being the ruler and the king overall

okay now if you go to revelation chapter


verse nine all right it tells you that

through through him through your whole

we are also made kings and rulers

all right and this is done through

perfection that's why the lord is

molding us to be

in that in that position okay revelation

chapter 5 verse 9 and they sung a new

song saying they are worthy to take the

book and

open the seals thereof for thou was

slain and has redeemed us to the most

high by thy blood out of every kindred

and tongue and people and nation and has

made us unto our power

kings and priests all right so through

yahuwah we're made kings and priests

all right and we shall reign on the

earth all right you see that

so again we are made kings and free

okay because he went through his


that was given to him and he was seated

at the right hand of the father

all right now he's made uh he has been


okay so likewise us we suffer in these

life things

guess what we're also going to receive

the things that he received but guess

what there's a stipulation to that right

uh colossians chapter one this is like

it's colossians chapter one

and uh this is at verse uh sixteen okay

it says for by him were all things

created talking about yeah

that are in heaven and that are in earth

visible and invisible

whether they be thrones or dominions or

principalities or powers

all things were created by him and for

him see

so through ye how shy things were

created in heaven and earth all right

and we already know what that's also

going into

that's uh you know it goes to goes to a

deeper topic than this

concerning um the beginning okay so it

says for

by him were all things created that are

in heaven that are in earth visible and


whether they be thorns or dominions or

principalities or powers

all things were created by him and for

him and he is before all things and by


all things consist and he is the head of

the body

the church who is the beginning the

firstborn from the dead

that in all things he might have the

preeminence right and i'm

if you're going to preeminence i believe

this is uh the first

all right let's see let me see if i can

pull that word up for just a moment

right yep so preeminence the word

preeminence in the greek is uh

i believe it's pro proteo all right

proteu which means to be first

to hold the first place okay to be first

have the preeminence see so it's to be

first so he is the first in everything

okay so likewise when he was uh when he

died on the cross

it was risen and yet live

and now he is given his glory as the

king of kings

and lord of lords guess what we're also

going to receive that same inheritance

as being kings and rulers

and priests okay

so with that i'm going in off on that

note um

hopefully this is edifying to the elect

uh the nation of israel you know

hopefully it's edifying to the brothers

that are

tuning in also to the few sisters that

are listening as well that believe

um also as well i want to give all

praise on and glory to you how about


double honors to the apostles and

there's a great millstone that ruled out

to this day and also shalom

peace of safety and salutations to the

hope elect that's labor in his work give

me a deal just to make it calling

innovation sure

and faith intrusive syria and all

charity and with that goes to charlotte