Tutorial/belajar bermain kendang dangdut & koplo (how to play gendang)

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

see you again with me Beny Sonata

but often called Aden Ramadani

here we will learn Kendang specifically for beginners

not for professionals

Kendang dangdut and koplo

Okay, we will first learn dangdut

I previously introduced the tool that I used

This name is dut

This name is tak

usually you see tak really that much is just a variation

the function is the same

how to learn how to measure our beats using index finger

try to touch the knuckle on the skin of Tak

Finger stretched

now we hit Tak

the second we hit again with a different sound

there is another third

we use the middle finger

now we combine

try to keep the ring finger sticking

if it doesn't stick to the sound like this

for ring fingers to muffle the sound

ok that was for learning Tak

now we will learn dut

first we use the index finger and middle finger

like this