What is a Jade Egg & How to Use It

welcome back to my channel my name is

Nadine Lee and I am the founder of

tantric alchemy and in today's video I'm

gonna be talking to you all about the

Jade egg so what is a jade egg how to

use it

and how to care for it basic care

techniques and tips to get the most out

of your Jade egg practice so what is a

Jade egg this is a Jane egg right here

it is a semi-precious stone made out of

nephrite Jade and it is an ancient

Taoist practice and ancient Taoist

practice that was used originally by

queens and concubines of the ancient

Chinese civilizations and the main

reason for using it was to awaken sexual

energy and cultivate sexual energy for

youthfulness and so this was only

accessible for you know queens and

concubines at the time and it's a

practice that is now you know coming

into the mainstream world for the

everyday woman

and we're reviving these secrets and

these tips of ancient wisdom into our

everyday culture so what is that it's an

egg and it's worn inside of your vagina

combined with breathing sounding and

movement techniques and what we're doing

essentially through this practice is by

inserting this crystal egg and doing

breathing sounding and movement

techniques is essentially we are toning

the pelvic floor region of our body and

so when pelvic floor muscles are toned


secur as a woman then we are

experiencing a ceiling of our life force

energy and so when that energy is sealed

it's able to be circulated through the

body as opposed to be leaking out and

this is why we experience the mean one

of the main benefits is feeling more

energized more youthful reversing aging

you know this is an anti-aging product

right here mantequilla the ancient

Taoist master talks about you know a

woman's vitality in her face is linked

to her vitality of her womb and her

vagina and this is why because when

those muscles are toned and healthy you

are sealing off that lifeforce energy

and you're not going to be leaking it

out unconsciously and also leaking it

out through your menstrual period so

some of the benefits you know are the

things I've just mentioned as well as

releasing trauma so you know think about

it's like an internal massage of your

vagina and so you know like any muscle

in your body we store tension we store

memories we store emotional suppressed

emotions in our literally in our body

tissues in the fashion and in the organs

and it's the same inside of our vaginas

we're storing so much emotional debris

and baggage you know in the very womb

itself and the vagina and it's not a

place that's normally massage only you

know maybe during sex and you know if

you're self pleasuring yourself but by

doing this practice in a more

intentional conscious way helps you

really release stuck emotions and when

these emotions are released it frees up

so much more energy inside of you to

become more orgasmic and feel more and

feel more pleasure and more

aliveness in your body and more

creativity as a woman so you know that's

another benefit another major benefit is

balancing your hormones so the

properties of the Jade specifically

there's a reason why the Taoist use Jade

as the egg of choice for this and it's

because Jade itself nephrite Jade is the

most dense stone and it's said to be -

it's believed to be the most balanced in

terms of yin and yang properties in

terms of the masculine and feminine

properties than lunar and solar

properties so this yin and yang and so

because of that it's really working with

balancing you know the whole entire

energetics of the womb and the ovaries

and the hormonal systems and your

endocrine system by using the egg so we

experience you know balanced hormones

and you know feeling more when your

hormones are balanced everything is

balanced in the body and another benefit

is really awakening this primordial

energy the Shakti energy so when we're

working with Tony's pelvic floor and

activating these muscles during the

practice you're really activating this

Kundalini energy which is a powerful

energy that's laying dormant at the base

of the spine that's wanting to be

unleashed and when this energy is

unleashed through practices like the

Jade egg like yoga and certain Tantra

practices then we start to experience

our fullest potential we awaken

different creative gifts we awaken

different energy centers in our body and

start to experience life in its fullness

so you know there are many benefits that

can be had from using this Jade egg on

the physical level the spiritual and the

emotional level and metaphysical levels

and so a quick tip on how to care for it

so with the Jade egg

you want to start with a drilled egg so

it's got a drill either through the top

or down the center and this helps with

doing the practices to begin so helps

with isolating the muscles in the Ernie

and also overcoming any fear of maybe if

there's a fear of getting the crystal

lost inside of your vagina even though

you can't lose the crystal inside of

your vagina because the crystal egg

cannot go any further than your cervix

the cervix never opens only it only

opens when you give birth so it will

never get lost inside of you but the

string helps you have a bit of

reassurance and also helps with the

practices of isolating the muscles as I

mentioned and so you want to learn how

to string it first so string the egg

clean it with never pour boiling water

on your crystal eggs this damages the

properties of the crystal itself so

using warm soapy water cleaning it with

some natural soap like Bronner's or a

natural soap is enough and making sure

to blow through the hole before you use

it each time and you can cleanse it

energetically with some Palo Santo de

jour frankincense it's really like

cleanse out and before you use that you

want to set your intention so what is

your intention for your practice so each

time you use it like you do with each

time you practice yoga you're going with

a new intention so maybe one time you're

using it to heal some sexual trauma or

sexual abuse you might have experienced

or another time it might be for

manifestation or another time it might

be for releasing a past lover out of

your body and your womb itself or maybe

it's about experiencing more pleasure

and then you're going to combine it with

the practices and these practices are

very comprehensive and quiet

they take it's a journey it's an

initiation into this practice and so you

know you don't just insert the eggs

straightaway there's a series of

preparatory practices that are always

advised to do before you begin using the

Jade egg which is all about purification

patience or purifying your energy first

and then starting to introduce the eggs

slowly but we want to start to learn the

basics of purifying the energy of the

body so we're working with a clear vital

energy and learning how to circulate

that through our body as opposed to just

putting this in and working with you

know donkey energy or as a result of

like stuck emotions so it's good to do a

purification practice first before you

use the egg and so if you want to learn

more about how to use the egg rituals

around using the egg and some specific

practices head over to my website at WWE

COO comedienne and have a look at my

online courses the temple of the womb

and the create tricks which are both all

about this all about awakening the wind

power and integrating the Jade egg

practice and going deeper into specific

practices on how to make the most out of

this egg and really activate that Shakti

power and that lifeforce energy that

wants to be unleashed within you so

thank you for joining and make sure to