Hypoglycaemia - How to Treat and Prevent Low Blood Sugar

yeah after they become each other for

dinner it'sa Miss Mary I'm really hungry

too oh we just thought the medication

for diabetes right so you better not

skip your news remember the big a

manometer this remind ya okay I need to

step away for what no news of you before

they know when I get back okay our face

so troublesome to bring my medication

along for dinner I'll just take it now


no no what's needing to complete this

forms before you be ah

or you could just be paid me little me

thank you

can solo fourteen apt and and reduce

symptoms of hypoglycemia include



choose or shakiness weakness headaches

blurred vision extreme hunger are you

ready to go hey Lana are you okay what

do you feel I don't know I wanted to

finish these forms before me go did you

take your daddy's medicine before the

new yeah I thought it will be convenient

that way

but you only supposed to take it during

your meal not before I need to check

your blood sugar level computer how to

use a glucometer clean the tip of the

finger with an alcohol swab insert a

test strip into the meter place the lens

the device flat at the side of the

finger and press down firmly prick

finger with a Lancet device and remove

massage towards the fingertip to obtain

sufficient amount of blood place a drop

of blood against the tip of the test

strip apply a dry swap over the

punctured side

wait for the reading on the glucometer

to appear the reading display indicates

the blood glucose level no the particle

that weighs less at home which means

you're having low blood sugar

also known as hello max you know you

need some sugar now let me catch you

some before the country have some soda

thank you

Thanks I'm feeling better now

oh that's good that's your blood sugar


the blood sugar level is 4.1 which means

it's back to normal

Mary I'm so thankful that you are here

no problem a lot about got that sugar

happy too so I know what to do

pam has covered it up

what is hypoglycemia hypoglycemia is a

condition where the sugar level in your

blood drops to a point where your body

and brain are unable to function

properly usually this happens when a

blood glucose level is less and for

minimal furuto symptoms of hypoglycemia

include dizziness sweating choose or

shakiness Fitness headaches blurred

vision extreme hunger if you experience

any of the symptoms you should check

your blood sugar level if possible

consume one of the following 1/2 cup of

fruit juice or regular soda or through

to 4 teaspoons of honey or 3 pieces of

sweet 15 minutes later check your blood

sugar level once you feel better

have a proper meal to do Venn's another

drop in your blood glucose

if your blood glucose is still less than

4 millimoles per liter repeat step 2 and

visit a doctor as soon as possible

here are tips to prevent low blood sugar

always take your medication with news

and fast

I think insulin before muse if you're on

insulin have a light snack like a slice

of bread before bedtime avoid skipping

or delaying muse when fasting for a

blood test do not take your Tibetan

medication or injection as a precaution

always carry a quick-acting sugar such

as sweets especially if you are

exercising or cannot eat on time speak

to your doctor on us if you have

frequent episodes of low blood sugar

take control of diabetes and your life