I'm worried about having a hypoglycemic reaction

hypoglycemia can be scary when it

strikes because you can feel dizzy and

shaky without warning these symptoms are

your body's way of telling you that your

blood glucose dropped too low but there

are ways to prevent it from happening

for the most part hypoglycemia won't

happen as long as you're eating a

healthy diet checking your blood glucose

levels regularly and taking the proper

dose of insulin but if you skip meals

are more physically active than usual or

take too much insulin your blood glucose

levels will drop you could feel shaky

sick to your stomach hungry lightheaded

or get a headache for most people this

usually happens when their levels drop

below for if you know you're low don't

panic drink half a cup of juice or

regular pop or eat some fast-acting

sugar to raise your glucose levels then

test yourself again in 15 minutes your

blood glucose should be on the rise if

not treat again if your next meal is

more than an hour away you should eat a

small snack to prevent another low the

snack should contain carbohydrates fat

and protein always carry glucose tablets

with you so you feel confident that you

can raise your blood glucose levels

quickly never drive if you feel your

levels are low by checking your blood

glucose levels regularly and by not

skipping meals you can help protect

yourself from hypoglycemia