Hurricane | How to Drink

pama some tall and strong make it a

hurricane for gold insane it's five

o'clock somewhere

that's already in hurt it's been a Mardi

Gras they've been in New Orleans you

have seen this drink as people parade

themselves down the streets and huge

well hurt hurricane glasses filled with

hurricanes it's served everywhere it is

so popular with the tourists and pushed

in that direction so let's talk about

how to make one at home that you can

bring a little bit of your debauchery

strip down to New Orleans home with you

I did not drink hurricanes when I was in

New Orleans I didn't I think I had a

mint julep when I was there I was young

I was too young and that was the worst

mint julep I've ever had in my life oh

my god it was terrible it was like

drinking it was like the sweet teas of

mint juleps which is not my northern

blood could not handle that level of

sweetness I'm sorry the hurricane is a

drink that I think has kind of looked

down upon and I'm not really sure why

that would be but I have an idea about

why I think it's because the key

ingredient in a hurricane is largely


it's a Tiki syrup called fashion Ola I

think it's made by if I'm not mistaken

it's it's produced and traditionally is

produced by a company called Johnny

English or Old English I forget which

and there's an eBay seller who sells the

product and you can buy it from eBay it

is a premade cocktail syrup it's first

ingredient is high fructose corn syrup

but by all accounts this is the real

stuff that's not to say that you can't

do better and that you can't go a more

craft route and that's what we're gonna

do today there are other solutions that

people have come up with over the years

to make the hurricane some people say

it's a combination of grenadine

I think Smuckers Jam I'm not gonna go

that route some people prefer to just

use a passion fruit puree or juice or

syrup because passion fruit is really

the dominant flavor in a fashion Ola

and maybe that's something we can

explore in another episode we'll do like

a hurricane disambiguation we'll do like

a categories 1 through 5 at Pacific or

something like that that'd be fun you

guys want to see something like that let

me know but today we're just gonna make

it the way I would make it the way I

wanted to make it the way I enjoy

drinking it which is with my homemade

fashioned Ola recipe I use is not

original to be honest it's not my own

I'm providing a link in the comments for

where you can pick up that recipe and a

link to all the ingredients you'll need

if you want to venture out and make it

yourself it is accurate to say that

passion fruit is the dominant flavor in

this and it is really going to drive it

so if you wanted to take shortcuts and

you want it to develop your own recipe

look at passion fruit at taking the

center or the passion Foods powerful

flavor if you're looking at the recipe

you're gonna notice it's actually not

that much passion for juice in it in

comparison to the other ingredients it

still drives it all the way it's that is

the main flavor so I've got my homemade

fashioned Ola hurricane juice here

hurricanes here I should also say that

cocktail and Sons now makes a better

fashion Allah they make it seasonally

sells out really quick they're a fem not

mistaken there are Louisiana based new

orleans-based brand make a fantastic

fashion holes here from what I

understand I haven't be able to get my

hands on any yet if they want to send me

some I would happily accept it and

revisit this let me know guys it gets

great reviews so if you get your hands

on that that might be another way to go

- and the other thing too is speaking

about just to clarify when you go to the

eBay store to buy the English fashion

all life comes in three colors red green

and gold I've read about this pretty

sure that they are just three colors

this different dyes red would be the

most typical way to go with the

hurricane so you're gonna need a

hurricane glass or maybe don't need one

but that's what I'm gonna use you have

it that's great if you don't I don't

think there's a cocktail jail you'll be

fine it'll bit what matter so let's just

get right into it and make this thing

I've talked all about it we're getting

my shaker I'm going to start with a half

an ounce of lime juice

I don't know if you guys know that about

me but in my head pretty much 24 hours a

day the lonely for August playing it's

the only song I can think about I'm

alone the road half an ounce of lime


I want 3/4 of an ounce of my fashion ola

I have a slightly fat poor but that's ok

and I need 3/4 of an ounce of

fresh-squeezed orange juice I'm chosen

not to make you suffer through the

boredom of watching me juice an orange

we want to put 2 ounces of reminisce I'm

going to do a split on that I want to do

one ounce of a funkier Jamaican style

rum and typically what I need a funkier

Jamaican style rum I reach for Smith &

Kross so that's the way I'm gonna go if

you wanted something a little more

mellowed and Appleton a state 12 year

would be fine here maybe even overkill

and I'm gonna put in 1 ounce of this

Haitian rum Barbancourt slightly

different character I don't know and all

the language for this but the banana

funk and the Smith & Kross is much more

aggressive and astringent whereas it's a

little on the sweeter side in the

Barbancourt I almost normally make my

drinks with two of these ice cubes but

we're gonna go three here cuz we've a

little bit more we're looking for a

little more volume and I'm gonna crack

them all

that's not pulverizing but I'm gonna try

and crack if one of them cracks in such

a way that it leaves slightly bigger

pieces that's fine

we're gonna open poor most of this

that'll be the ice it's in the glass now

one of the things you see me do or you

don't see me do is that I usually hammer

this that's actually he's something I do

I shouldn't do it's not really necessary

you don't need to smash this together or

you shouldn't if you start slow it

starts that the air inside of here will

start to get cold

and that actually contracts and it pulls

it all together and it creates the seal

so start slow starts to get cold you can

feel it getting a little colder and

hopefully this should actually be sealed

now and I can go watch that that's a

good shake hurricane glass coming in

whoo we got a category 5 hurricane

opportunity I don't know why I felt that

was necessary at all I'm gonna open pore


we're gonna pour the whole thing in

there I'm gonna garnish that with

pineapple wedge and I'm gonna stack that

with some cherries if we wanted to go

crazy we could dress this up a little

further and of course a long straw to

drink this with careful to work it down

in there around there our ice and let's

give this beautiful looking hurricane a

taste oh my god what a delicious looking

drink oh that's great oh man so this is


dangerously easy to drink it is one of

those things that's immediately

accessible it's definitely not sweet

though it's not too sweet at all it's

not cloyingly sweet this is really tart

refreshing kind of a cooler sitting on

your front porch or by a hammock or on

your yacht or down on Bourbon Street

when it's a hundred ten degrees out

which it probably will be all summer now

forever and then also all winter and

just need that liquid air conditioning

right there in your hand man oh it just

makes me think of Aloha Hawaii was

playing on a ukulele in a slide guitar

right now I notice how the Hawaiian

drink was just really kind of

oh oh I should actually give you some

tasting notes huh some actual flavor

notes okay here we go I get that passion

fruit and banana from the rum and

something a little different there just

now what is that I guess it's the rum

funk kind of pulling itself in there and

then the orange and the lime you don't

taste them individually they do kind of

meld into the drink and help bring it

all together

hibiscus dried hibiscus flowers is an

ingredient in the fashion all's here and

I think I'm tasting that I I don't know

that what else it could be

I mean there are so many there's mango

and papaya and so many different fruit

juices that go into making this it's a

little bit difficult to describe and to

pull it apart into individual notes for

me I'm not the most skilled taste there

to be honest it just tastes broadly

tropical I hate to say this but it does

taste a little bit like the best version

of an adult Hawaiian Punch you've ever

had and I think that is what it tastes

like it tastes like punch it's great and

refreshing and not heavy or too sweet at

all and if I don't end the episode soon

I'm gonna drink the whole thing and I

got to do a whole lot of these so that's

a problem for me

so I think I better end it boy does it

look good though doesn't it think it

looks fantastic

you guys can agree it looks fantastic

although this drink is called a

hurricane because the glass is hurricane

glass and it's shaped like a hurricane

lantern I think that maybe it's called a

hurricane because of the incredibly

powerful and destructive effects that

we'll have on my sprite

whoo think about that hammock again

though we really got to get that sucker

here home is some non-striving it a

hurricane before going saying it's 4

o'clock so y know what hurricane is a

hurricane it's that it's a cane they

advertised on TV it's got like 4 foot

foot on it for old people after I drink

a couple of these I might need a

hurricane maybe that's why it's called a

hurricane you don't watch a lot of old

people TV ok well that's what Matt well

adds it's usually the commercials on a

commercial break for Matlock Columbo

Murder She Wrote Golden Girls

you know the good stuff