How to Structure Deep House music

in this video I'm going to take you

through the structure of this deep house

tract we're going to go through the

various sections just going to point it

out that along the top I've got a track

that's dedicated to telling you what

section it is and also we've got color

coding here to make life easier as well

so I'm going to just dive right in there

have a listen so from the top we've got

the beat intro this is designed for DJ's

of course so this is what they'll be

using they'll be bringing the fader up

whilst the previous track is still

playing got some extra percussion and

elements just to spice it up keep the

energy moving forwards and that's after

eight bars so that this particular track

the majority of it is actually in 16 bar

chunks you can see that visually but

there are some shorter eight bar

sections we're into the chords this is

the course tab you would have expected

the deejay to put the level right up on

this track now and potentially failing

the other one out or EQ in the bass out

of the other track there for the final

eight bars before the first breakdown

there was a very subtle little chord

element that's coming up that's being

automated you're going to hear it in the

next section on the breakdown

now just to spice it up we've got

resonant sweep there so it's making a

nice kind of atmospheric texture coming

there wind chimes just to show some

variation going and they're just

indicating something is going to happen

and what happens is of course elements

drop out very simplistic delay

increasing on that step now stabbed to

and now we've got the main groove okay

once again the second stab automating

that coming up in level

Emer into the second breakdown so this

is just to create a bit with shift in

energy the beat comes back and then on

to the main section again but this time

of a new addition

that's like keys one element there and

once again that resonance sweep but just

because I felt that I'm gonna just to

kind of shift the energy up a little bit

before the mid lane

I took the beats out there and then

brought it back I'm going to switch up

into a new section now

it's the same stab sound as before but

with a different riff and we've got that

extra layer here which is an organ sound

some of the elements some they're coming

in I did some editing so visually we

can't see them

but within the actual clips they were

challenging now we're down into the

third breakdown so for many elements

nothing new taking stuff away

let's stab to is coming back up again

taking some elements out the base is


really simple delay increasing again on

that stab a little fake kind of drop

there and then back into that main

section once again listen we've heard

this before there's nothing you remember

we could be getting to the point where

the DJ is working the second track

already so he's going to bring in

another one in maybe using some

acapellas or some other elements on the

other track they've got queued up and

like I bet this rolled for a while to

the bit easier movie for DJ but let's do

another breakdown the other white time

in the night this sort of thing can work

and literally we're coming up to the

outro section and this is definitely

where the DJ is going to be bringing the

next tracks up I've kind of made it

easier film there because there's no

place to be very easy for them to bring

up the next chain very very simple

nothing too dramatic in this track in

fact nothing traumatic at all just a

very relaxed nice deep underground house

fight so the stab sound is filtering

down that chords deep element wind chime

- showing the work I come back to the

end of a section now and I was just a

tree some beats on the outro

as I said you know we would expect that

next tune to be well and truly underway

and this particular track just some kind

of little faint memory distant just

being faded right out it would have done

its job and it's on to the next one so

that we've got a twin typing at the end

and yeah that's about it so if you have

any questions just give me a shout let

me see if I get some time what I do is

I'll respond but um you know this is one

of many different kind of structure

types that you could put in I just

wanted to share it with you and um you

know see what you think