The World's TALLEST HOTEL? 5 Star Signiel Hotel Seoul, Korea


sometimes in life you really do just

have to put your bathrobe on call

yourself a nice coffee but you so love

them unnecessarily it's in the bath I

mean why not sometimes welcome to South

Korea today we're gonna check out the

signal hotel at the top of the wealth

SiC tallest building this is my room on

the 96th floor yeah you can't even get

it all in one shot this is the Lotte

World Tower but we're staying at the

very tip in the signal hotel you know

it's going to be nice when there's a

rolls-royce parked outside the front I

believe that you can use that for an

airport transfer I hate to ask how much

additional that would be anyway let's go

straight inside and I'll give you a tour

of what you get when you stay here


let's go and check this out


here we are in the lobby of you already

from the lobby is absolutely ridiculous

I mean I think the good thing is that

because it's the lobby literally a sort

of wraps around the whole building you

can get a really interesting perspective

of Seoul so the main part of the city is

just over there this is the theme park

I haven't yet gone and just to see

buildings that would usually be really

tall look so tiny they're dwarfed by

this crazy building right so the room

really key oh wow let's just firstly

check out the state how nice is that

but yeah what we've all come for really

is the view I'll get the lights off in a

sec but oh my goodness so guys this is

the 96th floor of the 6th tallest

building in the world

ok the real party piece of this though

is to be able to sit in the bath and

look at this view look at this so

bathroom is just like a complete

overkill of marble but I love it don't

know what the amenities are let's have a

look made in Italy unlikely something

I'll ever be able to afford normally so

we'll be using that I guess to apply my

makeup good little view there lovely but

I didn't even notice that as a shower in

there right it's what I like I'll for

God's sake of course a toilet just that

what in the name I mean when have you

opened a door of a bath

and the toilet seats come up and then

cleaned itself okay this is the controls

for this now how when have you ever seen

anything quite as mannered like I've

seen some crazy ones like in Japan and

stuff but I don't think I've seen

something with this many options before

I mean not quite sure about that I've

seen it all well until until we go in

here this is quite frankly ridiculous

the amount of Instagram photos I'm going

to attempt to get here honestly guys

I've stayed in some incredible places

and I've stayed in the world's tallest

building but the issue with that is that

you didn't actually stay at the top you

stayed as you would have seen on the

video on I think about the 9th or 10th

floor I feel like this should be the new

trendy YouTube office to be honest with

you don't think I'll be able for the

rent where you guys just gonna have to

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I've just been presented with my well

curved rink which is like a Korean

traditional tea and some cookies well

try that out I'm just about to go to

sleep this bed by the way is so

ridiculous but why I was gonna show you

was the heat

remote control that closes the curves I

would love to have this at home

these Kearns

I mean I know it is totally lazy and

totally unnecessary but he just feel

like a heap like a rock star we got to

close these curtains like this I am

saying so sad I'm all the guys in the

left many many buttons 101 79 we're

going to 81 for breakfast breakfast was

phenomenal whilst a little busy there

was a huge selection of high-quality

delicious food and of course a hats a

black of wind a see you're also able to

order a la carte food and I went for the

Eggs Benedict

this was fantastic the staff were very

attentive throughout the meal and kept

providing me with additional coffee and


now let's check out yet another one of

the signals Party Pieces starting in one

of the world's highest changing rooms

you can tell this is a slightly special

experience the crowning jewel of course

is the pool the pool itself was all well

and good but it's the fact you're

swimming 90 floors up

why I'd give a quick conclusion on my

stay here because it's just been so

unbelievable obviously you've seen it in

the day but just I mean clearly it's not

quite in the same state that it was when

I arrived but I just can't get over this

like literally the views that you get

very cool it's just unbelievable the

bath and that this toilet still it's

just so funny it keeps cleaning itself

intermittently I'm not complaining but

living the dream yeah what about more

bass than I've ever had in my life here

but you've got to review like that so

guys my experience of this hotel has I

think surpassed pretty much any

expectation that I had coming into this

I read the reviews and they were like 5

out of 5 on TripAdvisor

they were absolutely amazing but I have

to say the experience has been

unbelievable the staff have been amazing

the rooms been very comfortable there's

been a loads of additional services and

amenities the spa has been wonderful

although it was closed today once a

month and it has to be good last

overtime here - lie still we used it

yesterday as you saw and I just think

overall it's just such a surreal

experience to be so high up above

everyone else it's just crazy the 96th

floor you I don't think I get used to it

you think you would get used to it after

I've been here three days now but now

still just as amazing each time that I

see this view but quite given the title

of the most ridiculous hotel in the

world but it is one of the most

ridiculous for sure

I've enjoyed this review guys do let me

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