how to measure a horse's height

hello and welcome to help my daughter

loves horses I'm Ali this is Noah we're

here to help you enjoy horses in a fun

safe way so today really quick I wanted

to talk about how horses are measured so

horses are measured in something called

hands and what one hand equals is 4

inches and the way that you might

measure our horse is from the withers

remember we talked about this bony Ridge

here this is called the withers and you

measure a horse to the withers because

it's one part of their body that never

really changes height so you can see we

don't want to measure him to the top of

his head like we might measure us

because his head goes up and down a huge

amount that would be a useless measure

similarly measuring from his back isn't

a great idea because his back my bow

down a little bit for my roundup and

that again would change his height so

his withers are very consistent height

now in a perfect world when you have the

right tools the way you actually measure

a horse is with a little right angle so

you have a meter stick that's tall here

and you have a little stick that comes

across and will sit on the horses

withers and tell you what height they

are since I don't have that you can also

borrow ballpark it so if I take a tape

measure and I stand right here by no

mush front leg I go up all the way up

until I'm agent easy thing even with his

withers stay though I'm even with his

withers so it looks like we're at about

62 or 63 so then what you do is you

divide that oh your fines tape measure

so then you would divide that by four

and you would know how many hands your

horses now know is about 15 hands and

two inches so if you hear someone say Oh

yawn my horse is 16 - but that means is

that these 16 hands plus 2 inches

because it wasn't a full hand at the end

now Noah counts as a horse and anything

over 14 hands and 2 inches is considered

a horse anything under that is

considered a pony and that's how

Herman Sciences of courses thanks for

watching this video help my daughter

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