How To Measure Your Horse for English & Dressage Girth Size

hi I'm marina from riding warehouse and

this is gambler today we're going to go

over how to correctly measure your horse

for an English or dressage girth you're

going to want to start by pulling out

your saddle and any other saddle pad

that you use with your saddle so gambler

uses just a regular cotton quilted pad

if you use any kind of half pad you're

going to want to make sure that's on his

back as well to ensure that you measure

correctly to measure for the correct

girth size you're going to want to have

a helper or friend that's able to kind

of help hold your horse and to be on the

other side to help you measure so I like

to use a nice flexible measuring tape

you could also use a string or baling

twine but you don't want to use a

regular tape measure as it doesn't curve

around your horse so you're going to

start by having your helper hold the

measuring tape on either the second or

third hole of your billets depending how

long they are and then they're going to

go ahead and pass it to you underneath

the horse now you want to make sure that

it's sitting about a hands width behind

the elbow because that's most likely

where your girth will fall and then

you'll go ahead and continue to measure

up you want to measure to about the

second or third hole and keep in mind

that this isn't pulled really tight so

probably and the second hole for Gambler

will be good and then we'll go ahead and

release that and with that measurement

gambler measured 48 inches up to the

second hole you want to make sure when

you're measuring for an english saddle

that you have at least one hole that you

can move down on either side and to that

you can move up so that puts you in the

mid-range and that ensures if your horse

fluctuates in weight that the girth you

purchase will still work if you're

measuring for a saddle that's either a

dressage saddle or has dressage billets

you're going to want to use that same

method but keep in mind when you have

the finished girth on you want to make

sure that there's three to four fingers

width between the end of the girth and

the pad now that's going to prevent any

pinching or bulk underneath your legs so

when we measure we would measure two

again probably the middle billets but

again the more important thing is that

it's about three to four finger widths

below the end of your saddle and the end

of your saddle pad a good rule of thumb

if you're moving between an English or a

dressage girth is to add or subtract

about 20 inches to get the measurement

that you'll need this is great if you

don't have your saddle available or your

horse to measure so if Gambler wore a

size 48 inch English girth we probably

want them in about a 28 inch dressage

girth for more information please visit

us at riding warehouse.com