Kino Flo Basics: The Tegra 4 Bank DMX

Now my son miles is going to help us demo

the Tegra

which is like a four by four

Kino Flo on steroids.

Bring this baby in.

Pop it on.

There we go.


We have the standard four by four that we've all known

but the beauty of it

is we have absolute dim-ability

as well as the ballast being engineered

inside the head.

Usually you had to have a head extension and the ballast went down on the ground

these are full DMX capabilities on these so we can put it into a dimmer board and

control them perfectly to whatever level you would like and this is where the

digital sensor comes in. That just that third of a stop

you would have to turn off a bulb to lose that.

But now you can keep the softness of the full all four lights but you can dim

it down to get that same huge source but just dimming it ever so slightly so it

works with the digital sensor. When we were doing film my God you'd blow these

things out no problem you could overexpose really nicely but with these

digital cameras the clip factor happens. It doesn't roll off as

wonderful as film does so you need this ability to slightly dim and this is

where this light really comes into being.

Now the standard four foot four bank had an egg crate that went on there. Kind of

the ones that you've seen in uh like if you went into office spaces where they

had the egg crates put up in the ceiling.

Well they've now embraced the honeycomb revolution.

Miles, grab me a honeycomb.

So we have that complete control.

Now you see me. Now you don't.

And that's exactly what the light does. It easily velcros right in here.

Did you get that? Nicely done Miles. And this controls the light

So let's see that light control. Alright Larry kill the key

Alright. Bring this in. Bring it all the way up on the dimmer.

So now Miles has that nice soft source on this side and then when i go back


I don't have any light on me.

Light control.

Now without it

If I just drop this down. I'm pretty much lit. Right here, right?

But this is the beauty of this honeycomb because we can do that now that right there.

Ok and now I'm not lit back here but Miles is lit.

So now let's take that one step further

let's say we don't have to worry about the light control but we want to make it

even softer.

Take the honeycomb off.

And now we bring in the diffuser.

Thanks buddy.

This thing

is like a little more tent action

this goes right on to the light.

Can you reach it over there little man?


Alright. And now you've taken the fluorescent and you've used a grid cloth

fabric that doesn't make noise it's a silent grid cloth and it's able to

soften that already very soft Kino Flo light even more.