Part 2: Protect Yourself During A Mold Inspection

Jan is a homeowner we've asked to call

in seven different mold inspectors we've

seen some radically different approaches

now it's time for the estimates first

remember the flash it carried out the

inspection in just five minutes

amazingly his company says that quick

inspection detected a mold problem if

you went a lot of work for nine hundred

and twenty bucks which is unnecessary

remember our experts say this house has

no mold problem and yet the company

proposes using a controversial procedure

called fogging where a chemical

substance is sprayed - supposedly kill

the mold it is discouraged to protect

the occupants remember you're using a

biocide that kills living cells some

government agencies discourage fogging

as this mold killing spray can create

fumes and leave a harmful residue and by

fogging they're recommended sure here

you could actually create a health

problem that's the key you're taking a

situation where there's no problem and

in fact you may be creating a very

significant health problem for the

occupants as for our scare pair their

solution to a non-existent mold problem

was even costlier a $2,400 remediation

that included taking down walls and

removing sheetrock they insist that's

the only way to is to take down the wall

you can't not there's no weather no

other way no other easier way once it's

wet there's no way around it

above it

did he say only way

remember there are openings into the

wall which Jen pointed out to them you

can have a handheld mirror and a

flashlight you can see all the way to

the top of the wall here you could

examine the entire wall cavity so

without taking this wall down with a

mirror and a flashlight you can tell

there's no mold that needs to be

remediated here pretty high-tech huh how

could they have reached what our experts

say is this faulty and expensive

conclusion when Jen invites them back

I'm Cynthia McFadden we're waiting for

some answers so Michael here's the deal

experts tell us you're dead bird said

experts to the economy was going down

Bush said the economy's roughly strong

we have a recession so you stand by it I

start like 12% you with him his partner

is less effusive yeah and what about

that mold supposedly growing out of

control behind the wall you want to want

to take a look at the videos seems

they've forgotten it's gonna continue to

grow until it's too big push against the

sheetrock and sheetrock out as well

that's pretty scary proposition your

stand by that

I stand by that what he said we're

surprised he likes what he sees I'm good

on TV - I'm good great well he later

admits that the wall will not burst he

insists that the moisture reading he

took showed the living room wall was wet

so mold could grow can you show me would

you do have them all do you have the

let's take a look and see what it says

on this okay well he knows it's two

different times so this is this is the

moisture meter that we use right he

refuses to take another reading well I

mean if it was what if it was wet a week

ago it should be still wet all right no

no no absolutely not but our experts say

they check the wall numerous times

including the day this pair was

there this wall is dry and it has been

dry would make several visits here and

each each visit and it has been bone dry

take a look in here look no mold

still these contractors maintain their

diagnosis and they're expensive

proposals are sound thank you

yeah we'll let you know what's gonna be

on Lebanon okay thanks very much so if

they're so proud of their work I wonder

why they leave the door open so we can't

see the name of their company as they

drive off it's behind this wall and

remember the sampler who ran several

tests at an expensive three hundred and

fifty dollars a pop if Jen thought the

test was expensive

how are you wait till she hears the

results we have mold oh my god Philip

we're airborne on the first 82nd floor

so it it's in the duct system also I'm

afraid to ask what is that question 5500

Wow Wow is right our experts took 11

samples of the house one set right after

this man left and none showed a problem

it is either incompetence Assad whatever

the case it's a good service to the

homeowner and that fifty five hundred

dollars is in addition to the eleven

hundred dollars we already paid for his

initial visit so we call the sampler to

another house in New Jersey to try and

get some answers we were there to greet

him how are you I'm sinking McFadden

from ABC News nice to meet you why am I

here today he doesn't want to answer our

questions on camera and quickly beats

the path out the door you don't want to

answer your questions I guess not thank

you well we just wonder since we are

experts tested the house as soon as you

left and told us there was no mold

problem and you charge fifty five

hundred dollars or propose that and also

you thought you're built for a false

receipt excuse me

you don't want to answer our question

sir why is that because it sure looks

like you're ripping people off he

refuses to give an explanation goodbye

I wonder why he doesn't want to answer

our questions all told of seven

companies we called for agreed with our

experts that we didn't have a mold

problem but three wanted to do mold

removal that our experts say was totally

not needed and that would have cost an

unsuspecting consumer up to fifty five

hundred dollars I might have been

persuaded to have the warzone what do

you think you know what do I know about

mold would you have done it absolutely

you know I certainly wouldn't want mold

in my house and who would she have gone

this sampler but you would have gone

with the guy who was the most expensive

because he seemed the most knowledgeable

most honourable I should say so before

you hire a mold inspector

beware free inspections a thorough

visual one can cost several hundred

dollars and up you wear quick

inspections a full house can take

several hours okay one more thing

some people may advertise themselves as

certified mold inspectors but all

certifications are not created equal

just take a look at this I read this

book took an online course for two hours

and eighty-three dollars later I am a

certified mold specialist but trust me

you don't want me to inspect your house