How to Play Hockey - Basic Hockey Rules Explained

once dominated mostly by Canadians

hockey has taken huge leaps in growth in

the United States in terms of TV ratings

and player registrations over the last

decade in this video we'll give you a

primer on the sport and fill you in on

exactly what is going on down there on

the ice so let's talk about the set up

each team has six players on the ice

three forwards a left winger a right

winger and a center two defenseman and a

goaltender or goalie the object of the

game is to shoot the puck using your

stick into the opponent's net like how

basketball has quarters and soccer has

halves hockey has periods there's three

of them each lasting 20 minutes now when

you watch hockey on TV there are a lot

more than just those twelve people on

and around the ice while each team can

only have at maximum six players on the

ice at a time they actually dress 20

people that play in rotating ships 12

forwards six defenseman and two


and finally there are four officials on

the ice policing the game two referees

and two linesmen now that we know who's

on the ice let's talk about the ice

itself in North America a standard ice

hockey rink is 200 feet long by 85 feet

wide how does that compare to other

sports was you might have seen you can

fit a hockey rink

why easily into a baseball stadium you

could also fit around three rinks into

either a football or soccer field but

it's not the smallest surface in major

sports you could fit almost four

basketball courts onto one hockey rink

now let's start putting the lines on the

ice first right in the middle is the

center line next there are two blue

lines that divide the rink into three

zones the neutral zone and two end zones

and finally a goal line at each end now

let's add the faceoff dots there's nine

faceoff spots on the ice one it's Center

two in each end zone and four in the

neutral zone and the last thing is the

oles crease this is basically the

goalies home at the beginning of the

first period teams line up for a faceoff

at center

the referee drops the puck and the game

begins well that's about enough to start

enjoying the great game of hockey for

now hey you might still have some

questions like what do all those lines

mean or what do the refs do stay tuned

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