Is a History Degree REALLY Useless?

should you major in history that's the

question I have to pose for you today I

did a search before I recorded this

video and found that most of the videos

on YouTube asking should I take a

history degree talk about how useless

the history degree really is trust me my

parents told me the history was useless

and many of my friends did as well often

the stem field science technology

engineering and mathematics are paraded

as the best thing the really only thing

you should go to university for but I

challenge that because history has a lot

of value as well maybe we just had too

many people taking human resources or

business school or something and

actually a study of the post-graduation

life of history students shows otherwise

the economic value of getting a history

degree shows that it actually has a lot

of value it's not a physics degree but

it's still not that either

and when asking CEOs about what kind of

skills they're looking for in their

average entry-level employee someone

that they really want to succeed in the

company they look for a few skills and

most of them are the ones that a history

degree really values their solid

communication skills both written and

verbally in which if you've ever take a

history class you know there's a lot of

essays and you have to talk a lot in

tutorials there's critical thinking

skills you're going to have to make sure

that you prioritize important things see

through the obvious and you know find

those new opportunities that businesses

are always looking for I think a lot of

history projects really emphasize that

history is also a really good

springboard into the law a lot of my

friends in my master's degree went off

to do law school right afterwards and

this was an intentional process it

wasn't just because they didn't get into

a ph.d program they actually did their

master's degree with the hopes that they

could use it to get into law school and

both of them are some of the smartest

people that were in the program it

wasn't a second choice I also think that

history gives you perspective and this

is the one that's maybe not as tangible

in dollars and cents but I think has a

lot of purpose a history degree lets you

see the world in three dimensions one of

my supervisors told me once that history

really teaches you wisdom and you get to

see things that are happening in day to

day with

more perspective but also with an idea

that you know they're not everything as

new and I think that historical literacy

or the lack thereof is one of the

reasons why we have a lot of the

problems in our world today if you like

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Tristan a historian IRL