Are high-protein, low-carb diets safe?

hi my name is Milton Carla are from

Dorchester mass and my question is as

far as high protein low carb diets are

they truly safe for your health thanks

for your question Milton protein is

found in virtually every body part or

tissue within the body you need to

consume enough protein through your diet

to help your body repair and make new

cells after you eat protein foods your

body goes to work digesting it into

smaller components we call amino acids

these amino acids are further broken

down and used for energy or convert it

into fat but what happens to all that

excess protein you take in when you're

on a high-protein diet well your body

isn't designed to store that excess

protein so when you consume high amounts

of protein through your diet the excess

is sent to your liver and kidneys as

waste for most healthy individuals

following a short term high-protein diet

is generally considered safe but for

people with kidney or liver problems a

high protein diet can become harmful

this is because when the liver or the

kidneys aren't functioning properly

they're unable to get rid of the waste

produced when all that excess protein is

broken down from a nutrition standpoint

when following a high-protein diet

you're ultimately cutting back on

another very important macronutrient

carbohydrate carbohydrates are our

body's main source of fuel you need

enough carbohydrates for your brain and

other organs to function correctly in an

effort to cut back on carbs you might

find yourself crowding out other high

quality foods like fruits vegetables and

whole grains all three of these food

categories contain what we describe as

nutrient-rich high volume foods that

means they pack a lot of vitamins and

minerals into a low-calorie satisfying

package because of their high fiber

content many carbohydrate-rich foods

help you feel full after meals

preventing between-meal snack without

breaking the calorie bank high-protein

foods on the other hand while they may

help you feel full and satisfied aren't

all created equal it's important for you

to consider the protein package some

high-protein foods contain unhealthy

fats like fatty cuts of meat or full fat

dairy others like beans nuts lean meats

and nonfat dairy are excellent choices

because they offer fiber vitamins and

minerals in addition to protein

additional long-term concerns of

following a high-protein diet include

constipation increased irritability

kidney stone production and possibly

osteoporosis bottom line following a

short-term high protein low carbohydrate

diet isn't necessarily harmful for most

individuals aiming instead for a healthy

mix of whole grain carbohydrates lean

proteins and healthy fats is recommended