How to Use the Tripp Trapp® High Chair From Stokke®

thank you for purchasing the

award-winning trip-trap chair the chair

that grows with the child this brief

presentation includes safety reminders

that will help you and your child enjoy

the trip trap chair from infancy to


introducing the new trip trapped newborn

set your child can now enjoy the

benefits of the trip trap chair from

birth to adulthood visit stock accom for

more information on the trip trap

newborn set

the trip-trap chair is much more than a

conventional highchair it's an

innovative adaptable concept that

delivers comfort safety and correct

ergonomic seating to your child the

trip-trap chair allows your child to be

seated at your table enabling the

all-important bonding and social

development that occurs at mealtimes

the seat and footrest are adjustable for

both depth and height to grow with the

child because the footrest acts as a

floor it allows the child to balance and

comfortably shift their weight at every

development stage the three vital growth

points the back the upper leg and the

lower leg will all be fully supported

adjust to a seat height that allows a

comfortable reach of normal table height

about 72 to 76 centimeters or

twenty-eight point three five to twenty

nine point nine inches with a ninety

degree elbow angle please read the user

guide before assembling and using the

chair for best circulation and comfort

adjust to a seat depth that permit two

to three fingers of space between the

back of the knee and the front of the

seat set the foot rests over knee has a

ninety degree angle the double curved

feedback enables the child to sit in a

natural fully supported position without

placing stress on the developing spine

the trip-trap newborn set can be used

from birth up to around six months when

the child is normally ready to start

suiting when the child can sit upright

on the floor are needed start using the

trip-trap chair with the baby set for a

limited time initially and gradually

increasing with time

the range of the trip-trap chair

accessories includes a trip trap newborn

set a baby set a four-point safety

harness extended glider sir extra safety

and cushion for additional comfort the

chair is made from solid beech wood and

easy to clean

the baby sack is recommended for

children between 6 and 36 months it is

dishwasher safe for easy cleaning the

included extended gliders attach easily

to the base at the highchair these

should be used when the trip-trap

newborn set or the baby sack is in place

when using the trip trap chair always

place it on a level stable surface that

doesn't prevent the chair from sliding


being seated at the table can make it

possible for a child in any chair to

push their legs against the frame or top

of the table you should always stay

within arm's reach of your child and

never leave them unattended

you're trip-trap chair is equipped with

a rounded set of plastic gliders and

aneisa legs to facilitate sliding rather

than tipping and it's important to

remember that the trip-trap chair must

be placed on a flat even and stable


carpet rugs or uneven floors do not

represent a suitable surface for safe

use of the table as these surfaces could

prevent the chair from sliding backwards

the trip-trap chair is not designed for

use as a step stool or for use with a

booster seat the chair should never be

used with any accessories not

manufactured by stocker as they could

affect the safety and stability of the


usually at around 18 to 24 months

children learn to walk in the same way

that parents teach their child to walk

up and down stairs they can also teach

their child to safely climb on and off

the trip trap chair however never leave

your child unattended thank you for

taking the time to learn more about the

world's most innovative highchair the

trick trap chair from stalker the chair

that grows with the child we wish you

and your family many years of safe and

happy youth