The Differences Between Hemp & Marijuana

hey everyone and welcome to another

wheat tip today we'll be going over the

differences between hemp and marijuana


the terms hemp and marijuana are often

used to describe a species or strain of

cannabis but the truth of the matter is

is that hemp and marijuana both aren't a

strain or species of cannabis at all and

instead is used to separate all of the

varieties of cannabis into two camps

yes THC and no THC THC or

tetrahydrocannabinol produces the

psychedelic effects canvas is commonly

known for and because cannabis is also

used in a variety of other industries

outside of the recreational drug use the

government wanted a clear-cut way

allowing the other industries to produce

a non psychedelic version of cannabis

and hence the term health was used with

hemp the THC levels need to be below a

certain threshold to ensure that

consuming or inhaling the cannabis won't

get you high and in the United States

the threshold is at 0.3%

THC of course this label is pretty

confusing to the average consumer

because it only takes one specific

aspect of the cannabis plant into



it's like labeling all grapes into just

two categories bitter or not bitter

instead of separating it by the

thousands of different varieties based

on their shape color flavor profile and

usage the two terms just tries to

pigeon-holed a plant the same way

alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer are

separated in the liquor aisle so when it

comes to marijuana it's commonly known

to any cannabis user that not all weed

is the same we have each strain having

their own physical features flavor

profiles individual effects on the body

and differences in strengths when it

comes to hemp though this is a lot more

confusing as the same term is used for

two completely different types medicinal

and industrial medicinal strains of hemp

has been bred to contain a high CBD

content in its flowers which is then

processed to be made into medicines and

lotions while industrial strains of

health typically have a very low CBD

content and is bred to grow large and

tall so that it can be harvested for its

parts from consuming whole seeds to the

stalks for textile use the problem is

that both types are commonly referred to

as just health even though they're

glassed eclis different with the only

similarity being that neither contain

much THC the general public constantly

mixes the two or thinks that a single

screen of health is able to do all of it

when that's not the case so be sure not

to mix the two when you're looking for

180 of

and that's it the term hemp in marijuana

really isn't very useful when it comes

to classifying cannabis but because the

words are so often used it's important

to understand just what they're

referring to and what they're not

referring to

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