Hemoglobin Structure; What's In Your Red Blood Cell?

hey let's continue our discussion about

anemia we have talked about iron

deficiency anemia then any of chronic

disease and then we'll talk about Elysee

Mia because those are included in the

microcytic anemia but first before

discussing that we'll see Mia we need to

know about hemoglobin so we've said

before that hemoglobin consists of heme

and globin in the heum consists of iron

and protoporphyrin the hemoglobin is a

structure that has four sides for oxygen

in other words hemoglobin can carry four

oxygen molecules so each hemoglobin

molecule can bind four oxygen molecules

were on the heme portion where exactly

in the iron which is in the him and the

iron is in which form the fear us not

the ferric as we've said before fe2

binds o2 and please remember that

hemoglobin looks like a butterfly four

different subunits so four subunits we

have four protein subunits and four

non-protein groups or heme groups so the

protein is the globin and the non

protein is the him hemoglobin non

protein protein the non protein part the

him is synthesized in the mitochondria

but wait there is no mitochondria in the

RBC yes I'm talking about the immature

RBC has mitochondria

so he is cynthaiz in the mitochondria

and the cytosol of the immature red

blood cell the globin protein since such

were protein yes ribosomes so globin and

him perfect that's fine so what are the

subunits we have alpha subunit and beta

subunit the normal adult will have to

all four subunits and two beta subunits

that's the general type of hemoglobin

but let's go back to our structure the

heme has iron and protoporphyrin so

here's him group protoporphyrin

and iron the iron is in the ferrous

state fe2 binds o - how about the ferric

no the ferric is called met hemoglobin

so if you have fair rick and the

hemoglobin is called met hemoglobin okay

and it's not normal man time' globin

cannot carry oxygen because fe3 cannot

carry oxygen only fe2 carries o2 so here

are two alpha subunits and two beta

subunits and inside them we have the

heme group protoporphyrin

and iron in the center okay four of them

okay in adults hemoglobin has different

types 95% is called adult hemoglobin or

hemoglobin a a for adult consists of

alpha 2 beta 2 means to offer subunits

into beta subunits the normal fetal

hemoglobin is called hemoglobin F 2

offers winners into gamma subunits but

in adults it only can contains or

constitutes 1 percent of the total

hemoglobin also we have something called

hemoglobin a 2 alpha 2 Delta 2

and it forms one point five to three

percent of the adult hemoglobin so this

is the adult percentage fetal will have

most of them fetal hemoglobin but for

adult 95 percent a one percent F one

point five to three percent a to okay so

that's the foundation until we talk

about thalassemia in the next video stay

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