Cardiac Enzymes (Cardiac markers) made super easy

so let us talk about the cardiac enzymes

or markers okay so troponin high and

troponin T you have to remember their

troponin is the most sensitive and

specific cardiac marker okay a cardiac

enzyme so here we will talk about three

points rise speak and normal the peak is

not important but the rise in normal is

important so if you see in troponin int

you see these are two words I and T are

two so here you have to write to now

multiply 2 with 2 that is 4 ok so from 2

to 4 or it is rise in the peak is


and it will get normal in seven days if

you see this troponin it started with

tea and the tea in the tea and seven

this is somehow like same you know you

see the tea and seven is same so that's

why we will say that in the seven days

to bring int will get normals now ck-mb

you see there are four words in ck-mb so

the forward so it's mean for our and

multiplied poor with two it will it will

become it so 48 hour is the rise in peak

is 12 power now it will get two normals

in three years okay

but for this you have to remember that

it will get normal in three days okay

and the true disease becomes 72 hour

okay so if you remember like part

propylene I and T seven days then it's

mean that is portrayed the Parsee can be

straight A's

okay and now ldh so LDH is going a prime

L you will remember it come late and it

goes later

okay so LM Inlet so let's somehow like

24 hour I means after one days it will

give it will get rise okay now the peak

you do not have to remember but it will

get normal in 10 to 14 days I say it

come late and it goes late so 24 hour it

will come it will start it it will rise

and it will get normal in 10 to 14 days

now we have to explain a little bit my

blue bin you see my globin it is our

earlier enzyme to increase after

myocardial infraction you have to

remember this for MCQs now it's mean my

mean III means I come past and I go

Slayers so first come and file first

goes okay so it will somehow disappear

in 24 24 to 48 hour I means like 1 to 2

days it will it will disappear

no troponin int as I told you the

troponin is the most sensitive and

specific cardiac marker now troponin int

it's a gold standard for myocardial

infraction diagnosis

okay you have to remember this point now

ck-mb ck-mb is actually per the

diagnosis of the infraction we use it

for the diagnosis up reinforcing okay is

it it will get normal into three days so

if a patient come after post a post mi

after like seven days and if we want to

diagnose the rain fraction if we want to

see the rain instruction then we will go

power ck-mb now you have to remember

here that ck-mb mb/s per heart and ck mm

is per muscle and c k BB / brain okay

now we have to talk about MD H now LDH

is actually we are which is related with

the cordial or with the heart that is

LDH one so normally LD h 1 is less than

MD H 2 this is lactate dehydrogenase

okay now in myocardial infraction LD h 1

will be get more than lv h 2 and it is

as as you already know that it will

disappear after 10 to 14 days like 14

days okay no no let's solve some MCQs

like if I said that ck me up the patient

is normal in troponin INTs hi so we have

to remember we already remember that

ck-mb it is good normal into 3 days now

the troponin i NT s troponin is high so

it's mean we are talking about like it

will get normal T's this T is same at 7

so it's mean that it will get normal

tour in seven to 10 days so it's mean we

are talking about here so we are talking

about here is like 3 to 10 are you can

say 7 or you can set in this because

ck-mb get normal into 3 so we will start

from 3 days okay s troponin is going to

be increased from 2 to 4 to 2 4 hour now

if I say that ck-mb of the patient is

normal troponin is also normal and EH is

increased now you know that it will get

normal in 3 days

and troponin is getting normal to 7 to

10 days so it's mean an LDH is increased

so it's mean now we are talking

onward 10 days so it's mean that from 10

to 14 days we are talking and the first

time I the patient is actually first

about 10 to 14 days so this is how you

have to remember it hope you will