What is a Normal Blood Pressure Reading?

I thought I think advantage of your

presence here sure please have a seat

miss does it matter now let me ask you a

few things about getting your abstract

really this is unit four separate on

this thing

first of all put your arm in there yeah

okay while we're measuring your blood

pressure yes answer all your questions I

love having a her in the doctor's office

it's a special pleasure it's it's a rare

if you here's the like know how much

does it matter if you have had a lot of

cups of coffee or you just had a meal

does that affect your blood pressure at

all it does their coffee what you ate

makes a difference you should how do you

Rhetta CLE have a little bit of empty

stomach but more importantly have to

empty bladder have you urinated recently

why yes I have doctor okay so empty

bladder both your feet on the ground I'm

sorry they're feet on the ground

I screwed it up I'm resting a little bit

gently and this theoretically you close

your eyes for a few minutes now the


I mean teach y'all how to get your pulse

put your finger and want to home can do

this as well see the crease in your

wrist yes go to the top bone the one

that's close to your thumb and right

next to it you're gonna feel a little

soft area gently touch it and you'll

feel palpations there oh well that's

your pulse now as I do that that can't

be your blood pressure is it bad don't

tell me not we're supposed to visit you

you normally run okay and your pressure

I always run okay this is Lucy Cameron

all right do do you close your eyes oh

it's really bad this may be the last

episode of the Rachael right after you

either the seasons I had confidence

you'll be able to do this right now

close your eyes

just a little top massage just relax

relax your beautiful hair by the way I

have not oh yeah I've not ever been

massaged I'm massage phobic oh then I'll

just fan you but don't think about what

we're doing right now cuz I want to get

a better number if you need to be a role

model so your blood pressure's supposed

to be everybody under 140 over 90 oh


optimally closer like 120 over 80 that's

where you want to live I was nowhere in

that neighborhood by the way no but

you're not I don't you're not playing

I'm trying

close your eyes I'm trying to do a

television show oh please

eldane this is life-saving this is the

single most important test you can do

because it does predict whether or not

you're gonna have blood that's school

scraping up the lining of your arteries

that's awful

well this is much

better 144 over 92 but when we're done

the show no it's not only really great

though it is I did have a whole bunch of

caffeine today because I didn't get up

before a.m. does that make yes it does

yeah I've had gallons caffeine and

getting up really early about four am

NOT sleeping itself is a major driver of

high blood pressure but you know what

I've always had really good blood

pressure I'm I am gonna take this home

and I will not come to work tomorrow

trouble okay come on okay get one last

entry to share with you so if you have

high blood pressure why should you sit

so the best way to manage high blood

pressure and it can look at me that

first of all foods that are there are

natural foods ones that are typically

lower in sodium lower in salt you eat

low lower salt less caffeine you don't

have to take a salt out of your food you

can eat herbs you can even have some

salt most people aren't bothered much by

that you just can't have processed foods

uh some stressful events in your life

will definitely impact that's why things

like meditation or valuable probably the

easiest thing to do is physical activity

because when you exercise you actually

open up the blood vessels in your body

that's really important so it makes me

happiest to is honestly I didn't I did

not rec exercise regularly until I was

40 years old I feel like I wasted so

many years it helps you mentally sit

measurably and there are simple things

you could do every single day taking

even deep breaths