Mayo Clinic Minute: Millions of Americans have hypertension under new blood pressure guidelines

under the old guidelines from 2003 top

line or systolic blood pressure levels

under 120 were considered normal and

levels between 120 and 140 were

considered high normal under the new

guidelines under 120 is still normal but

120 to 129 is considered elevated blood

pressure the new guidelines say people

with elevated blood pressure should make

lifestyle changes like hitting more

exercise and eating less salt the main

difference is that high blood pressure

stage 1 hypertension starts at 1:30 so

130 to 139 systolic 80 to 89 diastolic

would be stage 1 hypertension Mayo

Clinic nephrologist dr. Sandra Taylor

says that range used to be considered

high normal dr. Taylor helped write the

new guidelines and says people with

stage 1 hypertension may need blood

pressure lowering medication at 140

systolic and 90 daya stock that's now

stage 2 at stage 2 dr. Taylor says

people should be taking blood pressure

medications for the Mayo Clinic News

Network I'm Ian Roth