Understanding Blood Pressure (Subtitles)

understanding blood pressure

your heart pumps blood oxygen and

nutrients through the arteries in your


blood pressure is the force of blood

against your artery walls

there are two readings which measure

blood pressure systolic pressure is the

higher number it measures the force of

blood being pushed around your body

when your heart contracts

diastolic pressure is the lower number

it measures when the heart relaxes

between beats

high blood pressure is when your blood

pressure is always higher than it should


this is also known as hypertension and

is usually diagnosed when your levels

are always above 140 over 90 millimeters

of mercury

high blood pressure makes your arteries

less stretchy and damages the walls of

your arteries

this makes it easier for fatty deposits

to build up and limits the circulation

of blood and oxygen

this can lead to a heart attack or


high blood pressure typically has no


if left untreated it can lead to heart

and circulatory diseases

anyone can have high blood pressure it

can be caused by eating too much salt

drinking too much alcohol being

overweight or not being active enough

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