How does a health insurance Deductible work?

what is it deductible when it comes to

health insurance a deductible is

typically the amount of money you must

pay each year before your health

insurance plan starts to pay for your

covered medical expenses here's how your

deductible would work with the sample

health insurance plan this sample plan

has a one thousand dollar annual

deductible 20% coinsurance after

deductible and a two thousand dollar

out-of-pocket limit on your coverage if

you suddenly had a ten thousand dollar

medical bill you would be responsible

for paying all of the first 1,000

dollars in covered expenses

that's your deductible after this one

thousand dollar deductible is met the

insurance company will pay a percentage

of the bill and you will pay coinsurance

be aware that co-payments typically do

not count towards your deductible