Adaptations: Questions & Answers on the Harpy Eagle

the harpy goes live in the tropical

rainforest Panama and places like

bellezza in Central America and South

Mexico we can find the harpy go from

South Mexico to Argentina tropical

rainforest well you know they feed on

big animals like sloth and they are

quite heavy so they can hunt like tour

every two or three days and they keep

the prey okay when they have a nest they

keep the prey in the nest and they share

the meal with the ships but it can be

like you know the animals that you saw

before like sloth like monkeys like what

am i us other kinds of birds a goodie

that you're gonna be you know listening

about a goodies today with which we call

in Spanish Nikki that is a phone that

there is a very very funny name naked

and other animals okay right now they

are none on this island

however in Panama they are very harpy

eagles is just not particularly on the

island at this moment around 400 exactly

in Panama the prayer in front has done a

great job in helping the the number of

these Birds pretty much increase over

time so while it's still we're still

trying to make those numbers grow it's

not as threatened as it used to be

pretty much I think we are trying to

reduce the number of our peoples that

are being endangered by teaching the

people that decimation of mission RP go

that the harpy go won't do nothing to

their home because they think that is

dangerous and they try to kill them

it's like a matter of Education to teach

the people like it's the national bird

we have to respect it like they respect

our habit