Harps : How Does a Harp Make Sound?


hi my name is Brianna Howard and I'm

here at Summerhays Music Center in Salt

Lake City Utah to talk about how a harp

makes a sound a harp is a stringed

instrument where the strings attached at

the top or neck of the harp to pegs they

then run down the length of the harp and

are inserted into small holes you can

see through the back end of the harp the

other side of those holes where the

string is tied to a post and then the

tension keeps it taut across the front

of the harp this bridge or small piece

that is affixed at fixed at the base of

the strings connects the vibration of

the string to the soundboard which is

this large piece at the front of the

harp then when you pluck a string the

vibration of the string travels down the

string to this little hole through the

bridge and to the soundboard which

projects the sound out into the open