How To Start A Halfway House - Starting And Opening A Halfway House

good morning this is Ella Keaton's I'm

coming back to your life doing a little

update on the e-book that's going out

it's all about trying to start a halfway

house and it's showing you how to

literally start from the very beginning

but I want to just come out with a

couple of tips that I want to give some

people I know a lot of you are

interested in opening up a halfway house

you have a passion for maybe you just

want to do it because it's something

that's been in your heart for a very

long time maybe one of your family

members have been been through or maybe

you've seen somebody that's doing it

that you feel like you could do it a

little bit better or maybe it's just

something that you want to do however

getting started making that first step

is probably gonna be the hardest

decision you could ever make but you

have to get off the fence you have to do

it because right now there is a niche

it's a untapped market a lot of people

are not for me with how to do it a lot

of people are not for me with how to

actually market it and get clients

that's coming into your place on a

continuous basis I can show you how to

do all of that I'm gonna give you a

little bit about my background first of

all I'm I'm a recovering addict and

alcoholic been on drugs for many many

many years started when I was about 12

years old right now I'm 61 and I stopped

when I was about 42 so I was on drugs

for many years and I've been through a

lot of different program probably about

eight and I finally decided that enough

is enough but the last halfway house I

was in was a very big facility and the

way they was doing things I just felt

like I could do it a little bit better

so there was no case management done in

terms of helping people literally go

from dependency to in dependency helping

people because when I first started I

didn't even know I never carried a ID I

didn't I didn't even know how to give

one so when I started my halfway house I

literally did an assessment with people

so you got it doing

that's before and in the book I'll show

you how to do all of that plus I give

you some free consultations but the

first thing you didn't you need to do is

do a need assessment you got got to find

out what the person's needs are some

people don't want anything that's okay

but at least you know some people have

money that they don't even know about so

you're trying to help them do all of

that and I started out doing a need

assessment I wrote out couple of


very very simple what are you here for

what are your goals why are you here

what are your five year plans what are

your educational needs what are your

social needs do you have a social

security card

do you have an ID things like that how

many family members that support you or

do you not have any support because you

need a psychological profile of

everybody that you're dealing with you

don't want to just have an absentee be

an absentee landlord but you just have

people that's right in your place and

you don't even know anything about them

you want to do you know need assessment

are you on medication what kind of

medication are you taking where's your

pharmacy things like that so I

incorporated all of that and I did

things a lot different therefore I kept

a lot of people because people want to

know that you care they want to know

that you generally care about them and

when you can translate that it

translates into loyalty which are people

so they will stay no matter what and so

when I started out that's number one I

didn't need assessment number two I went

out and I hit all the Narcotics

Anonymous meetings I did some flyers I

went to all the hospitals to jails I

went everywhere I talked to every social

worker that I can talk to I passed out

my cards long before I even had a place

are you understanding me I passed out my

business cause long before I even had a

place okay when I opened up my first

place a four-bedroom three-bath down in

for a lot of them Florida charging 450 a

month I went

up to 550 but you know you do the math

man I had that place forward within a

month and from there I cumulated another

property and for those of you that don't

know how to give properties it's very

simple it's not real real hard in case

you don't want you don't have the money

to purchase your own building or your

own house maybe you want to you know do

a lease to own you know put down first

last and security you don't necessarily

have to tell nobody what you're doing

okay you want to open it up and rent it

out but you want to put some very decent

furniture in there you don't want to

have no house that's looking like a

mom-and-pop grandma house if it's not

someplace that you want to live in I

don't think you want to put anybody in

at it because again you want to be

impressive you want to do the wow factor

when they walk in the door they want to

be impressed with that place and you

want to be hands-on okay you want to at

least try to get some furniture that

looks good

two bedrooms to a room some people like

to put bunk beds I don't do that I did

it in the beginning but when you have a

lot of people crowded in one place you

have tension then you have a lot of

conflict and you have a lot of fights

try to provide dignity to your people

give them some space do it too bit too

too to a room that's it do not try to

crowd your place up believe you me

they're not gonna like it

some people will just put up with it

because they don't have a choice but the

first chance they get to come to a place

like mine they come and they gonna leave

you gonna leave you right there okay

stuck holding the bag with all the rent

okay you don't want to do that you want

to keep two to a room you could charge

I'm in South Florida so the rent is

pretty competitive down here it's

anywhere from five to six hundred

dollars per month and so if you got a


you know you're looking at

twelve-hundred coming out of each room

okay so you do the math it's right there

for you okay and I do have an e-book my

website is being built right now but you

can go and purchase it but if not then

all you have to do is leave me your

email address comment at the bottom that

you know you saw the YouTube page you

want to spread it out for me you know

I'm gonna help you as much as I can you

help me get the word out I'll help you

get your place up and going plus if you

desire you already own your own property

again if you already own your own


all you have to do is contact me if you

want me to get it up and going for you

just pay for my plane ticket and a place

for me to stay I'll come and do free

consultation if you purchased the book

purchase the book purchase the e-book

it's called how to open up a halfway

house how to monetize your property that

you already have if you want to make a

lot of money in the business you're

gonna put a lot of time in it that's

just it but it is profitable once you

get up and going people will be in and

out of your place on a frequent basis

you know you can always have you can

always be getting calls from people I'll

show you how to do that and it's all

about collecting data the more people

that you know the more people come to

your place and it's I hate to see it and

recovery dealing with recovering addicts

or dealing with unstable people you're

gonna have a lot of people that's going

to be coming in and out back and forth

over and over and over so you want to

keep their information you want to keep

their phone number you want to get in

touch with the family members reach out

to them say hey you know this is XYZ

call and they see how John Doe is doing

a lot of times I used to get oh my god

he done messed up I'm so glad you call

can you go and get him you know what I

mean so it's a lot of ways to do this

but you have to be on top of it nobody

gave me any information

how to do this okay so this comes from

ten years of a lot of heart sweat a lot

of bad mistakes I made so I pretty much

honed everything down scale it down and

I filtered through the BS and I'm giving

you good information all right how to

avoid a lot of pitfalls and traps and so

a they said if you can't afford a

consultant by the book so by the book

again this is LD key theorems thanks so

much for watching and stay tuned there's

a whole lot more coming I'm rolling out

some new products in terms of giving you

some templates on your cards your

brochures and everything so I'm getting

our less stuff structured and done for

you ahead of time so you're gonna get

all of that for free and the first

person that give me a call eight four

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there's a lot of grants out there oh

yeah yeah yeah there's a lot of grants

out there for Department of Corrections

for mental health that you can get these

grants and pretty much finance your

whole business it's out there they're

letting a lot of people out of prison

right now so you better get on board now

you know don't hesitate don't wait it's

not gonna cause anything but your time

okay so give me a call again I'm elder

keith Humes

my number is eight four four four seven

two four two three three god bless you

and the best is yet calm