NeoGraft Hair Transplant Procedure - 3D Medical Animation

traditional strip harvesting involves a

large skin incision on the back of the

patient's head to remove a section of

scalp this section of scalp is used as a

source of follicles to be implanted in a

new location of the patient's scalp as

seen in the animation this method leaves

a permanent linear scar as the two edges

of scalp are joined together the

procedure we perform is called neo graft

using the same area of scalp in the back

of the patients head we carefully

extract follicles individually instead

of strip harvesting and the scalp

remains intact

once the desired quantity of follicles

is collected we then implement the

NeoGraft no touch follicle implantation

method this process involves careful

placement of the follicles into the

scalp area using a safe and simple

delivery technique implantation

continues until we've transplanted all

of the harvested follicles the newly

transplanted follicles will seamlessly

regrow hair in the new area resulting in

a natural appearing more full head of

hair NeoGraft leaves no linear scar as

does traditional strip harvesting

as you can see the NeoGraft harvest area

is undetectable after about two weeks

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