Simple Skin Model - Hair Follicle

this enlarged region is what is referred

to as the hair bulb this connective

tissue that extends into the bulb is

referred to as the Kapila of the hair

again we're using this word papilla it

is going to be the nourishing part of

the structure that provides the growing

part with oxygen and nutrients and

removes waste a right of the hair Kapila

you find the matrix of the hair the

single cell layer where you have growth

here is the growing hair and the ABC

would be representing three parts of the

hair the a is indicating this line in

the center of the hair that white line

represents where you have a soft keratin

referred to as the medulla the medulla

is a word which means pith B would

represent the next layer which is making

up most of the hair cortex which

contains tougher harder keratin and

finally a C would represent a very thin

layer referred to as the cuticle the

internal root sheath is a part of the

follicle which is in direct contact with

the hair and it's labeled D right over

here on this model pink in color so the

internal root chief is a structure which

it genuinely grows and it grows from the

hair bulb like the hair so it would

continually be produced right over here

and push up towards the upper part of

the follicle if we follow the follicle

upward you can see where the internal

root sheath basically disintegrates

right over right over here right near

where this 8 is this is going to create

a space around the hair shaft the

external root sheath is indicated by

this little

and we can follow this upward you'll

notice that unlike the internal root

sheath which disintegrates and

disappears at this point the external

route continues towards the epidermis

although this model doesn't show it the

external root sheath is actually a

continuation of the epidermis you can

see this white lines surrounds the

external root sheath and it is also

labeled we go further up you can see

there is an F that is meant to represent

a glassy membrane the glassy membrane

represents a continuation of the

basement membrane of the epidermis the

fibrous capsule of the follicle is just

a connective tissue that surrounds and

supports the whole follicle you can see

it represented here by this material

right over here on the outer surface of

the glassy membrane as we go upward

there is a G right over here which is

representing the fibrous capsule