Gum Lift - Step by Step Procedure Breakdown

we start this procedure off by taking

photographs of the patient smiling and

from this is where I'm beginning my

design process to see where the issues

lie and where they come to issue needs

to be removed once I've analyzed the

smile then I will make markings on the

gum tissue of where the reduction is

going to happen

followed by measuring the subsequent

tooth structure that's going to be shown

and I will anesthetize the patient

depending on the number of teeth that we

are going to be working on the type of

anesthetic that I use and the technique

of anesthetize the patient will vary but

generally speaking if it's just the gum

left and I'd like to numb the patient

from the palate that means that their

lips will not be numb and I can have

them smiling throughout the entire

procedure just to make sure that I have

my levels correct once the patient is

numb then we set up a ground on the back

of the patient and then we start the

procedure of removing the excess gum

tissue once the excess gum tissue has

been removed we wipe off the marks make

sure that we have complete cessation of

any bleeding and the patient procedure

is then complete