Boss SY-1000 Guitar Synthesizer Demo | NAMM 2020





alright hey everybody Jason Chadwick

with premier guitar or at the Winter

NAMM show in Anaheim at the boss booth

and we are here with Austin Tron Austin

from the future from the future and

we're gonna talk about not the summer

NAMM show we talked about the the

compact synth pedal now we have the sy

1000 which is like the synthesizer

mothership oh yeah you know so tell us a

little bit about kind of some of what it

can do and what we were kind of hearing

on that intro ok so what it basically

does is it's using a an engine called

subtractive synthesis as opposed to in

our past products that used a GK pickup

it would use pre-recorded samples to

play back this allows me to do a little

bit more expression as far as guitar

playing goes so all the synth lines like

the lead line that you heard I was able

to bend the note and you notice it

tracked very well attract all the guitar

isms so that's the main key component in

this but it also has the flagship multi

effects stuff in there it's got some

stuff from the GT 1000 in there it's got

the 32-bit processor you can split

stereo you can add expression pedals you

can run just like looking behind us here

this is the editor it can get some of

these sounds can get really complicated

oh yeah you can layer three synth sounds

and then your normal guitar input all

simultaneously but it not just a synth

sounds it also does guitar modeling like

from the BG 99 so you can model a Les

Paul a strat and each one of those has

like an amplifier block and an effects

block so you can technically run like

four different guitars simultaneously

for a live field play and it'll also do

a pitch to MIDI conversion as well so

this will do a polyphonically over USB

or MIDI cables and all the buttons are

assignable just like on the GT 1000

because you can tell it kind of we

adapted that kind of interface because

it felt like a made sense it was very

very simple you don't need the GK pickup

in order to get the synthesizer sounds

but it does work better for the

processor if you want to start doing

things like alternate tunings guitar

modeling and splitting the sounds on

different strings so let's just kind of

walk through quickly how you have it

hooked up so you have it from the guitar

into the end of the pickup yep so I got

the normal

pick up going into the GK this is

actually the GK is actually an analogue

pickup it's just six tiny little

humbuckers and it goes to a 13 pin cable

so two connections for each pickup and

then your ground goes into the GK input

and then it processes each string

individually mm-hmm so let's talk about

the sounds used on the inter at the end

we're gonna have you do kind of a an

all-encompassing demonstration at the

very end but those sounds are used on

the intro just kind of walk us through

what each one you were doing with sure

so this one's kind of like a bass kind

of like a rubbery kind of slappy bassy

and then the second sound was kind of

more of like a Reedy synth kind of lead


yeah so it actually it so if you notice

as I bend the note

the track actually tracks it very well

because of the type of synthesis that

it's using and then we're also using the

RC 10-hour looper for your that was

coming from that right the drumbeat was

coming from the RC 10 are really cool

looper just to have a nice backing beat

to go along with a good baseline and

some funky simply it's so what will be

the pricing and availability on the s5

1000 price to the sy 1000 is 999 99 US

dollar and I will be available at the

end of the month and where can people go

online to find out more information

about the sy 1000 and everything else

you guys doing that boss you can go to

our boss website boss dot info so now

we're gonna have you do a long big long

demo to walk us through a bunch of

sounds alright alright if so I'm gonna

leave you to play us out this is Jason

with premier guitar






watch out man





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