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welcome back if you watched our last

video you know that for Sierra's

birthday we got her a rainbow soccer

what you probably don't know though is

that we made it ourselves when we looked

at rainbow sackers online and we saw the

price tag on these things we couldn't

believe it and buying one just wasn't

gonna happen

so we set off to DIY the thing the first

step was getting the wood I knew that I

needed something that was maybe three

inches thick and measured at least 9 by

15 I didn't really have a specific wood

in mind but I knew that I wanted to use

watercolors to color it so it had to be

something light in color and it had to

be pretty sturdy because you know this

is a kid story after all in the end they

found this nice piece of lumber for us I

don't remember exactly what kind of what

it is I wish I did

but I knew that I spent maybe 30 bucks

for the whole thing so the next part

that I did was I used a compass to draw

half circles I started with a 7 inch

radius and that progressively went down

half inch by half inch until I ended up

with a one-inch radius at the ends I

ended up with 12 arches and each of them

was about half an inch thick


so finding someone who had a band saw

that I could use to cut out the rings

proved kind of challenging I did manage

to find one though in the end and I went

over to my friend Dan's workshop to work

on it now this part of the project was

absolutely terrifying

as the curves that the arches got

smaller and smaller and smaller I got

more and more afraid that I was gonna

lose some fingers I really did it was

terrifying but I didn't lose any fingers

in the end and I ended up with eleven

somewhat uneven arches I did try to cut

all 12 but the last one it got so it got

completely destroyed and it was really

wonky and there's just no point in using


the next part of the process was

probably the most trying for me I'm not

sure if it was the saw but my cutting

job was so poor I had to sand for ever

to get the pieces to fit together the

problem was that they worked fine one

way but the second you flipped a piece

around and tried to fit it in the other

way it wouldn't work

I essentially had to reshape every

single arch entirely even with an

electric sander it was really slow work

and it took hours and hours to do and I

got so hysterically dusty but in the end

I was actually super pleased with the

really soft smooth finish the next part

was actually probably my favorite part

of the entire project I used two layers

of watercolor to turn my arches into

actual pieces of the rainbow after

having the shapes fitting together and

after having them actual colors the

project was really taking a shape and I

really loved the result after the water

colors were dry the last stuff that I

did was to coat each piece in a few

layers of natural beeswax base polish


after that dried we were done I was so

pleased of how they turned out and

apparently the kids were too they became

rapidly one of the most popular and

played with toys in our house even the

big kids like them and they play with

them they've just had so much fun

and honestly so buy so anyways that is

making a rainbow stacker thank you so

much for watching this video I hope you

enjoyed it I know I certainly enjoyed

making it if you'd like to see any more

DIY videos just let me know and I'd be

happy to make another one

okay guys it's super fun having you here

it was super fun making this project I

hope you enjoyed it we'll see you in our

next video thank you so much guys bye