How to MAKE GRILLZ : Molding Grillz!

we're talking grills here attract when I

see you I'm gonna tell you guys having

Maine grills and some prices and things

like that all right so we customer right

here he's really doing wacky stuff but

we're gonna be able to make some grills

for you so let's figure that one out

Gold grills holy ice grills whatever you

need Rome is a specialist we're about to

mold Lamont's t you know I'm saying that

you could check them out you can follow

him if he's a great dude

and instead of super athletic all right

but now he's gonna have to chill out for

a little bit while we mold the team so

we're mixing the compound but I'm

personally inviting you guys to the

diamond district the best price is the

best quality you want si you're gonna

get aside you want vs will get UV s

flower said it doesn't really matter

we're just going to give you a fair

price in the diamond district okay so

that's where we're at personal

invitation they're gonna be sitting

right in this chair molding your teeth

with me and Rome just like Lamont so

we're looking for you alright so um so

what do we do with today you know saying

we're gonna do vs Philemon do that side

yes but what is the si price si

bottom-line price is gonna be three

thousand four sixty three thousand two

sixteen perfect all right guys so three

thousand four sixty all right it's a

it's what your other jeweler tells us vs

okay well we're not liars over here

we're going to tell you what it is it's

si we got a beautiful si diamonds so

you're not gonna and you can do it in

this is a little example right here and

you can do it in white gold yellow gold

or you could do blue diamonds as well

right there's a blue and white diamond

tooth but you know it's it's the process

of coming to the diamond district if

you're in the New York area come down to

the diamond district and sit down and

we'll get

done-for-you Mulder cheese comfortably

quietly other than that you could of

course get the mold kit okay so he we're

gonna be able to send you the kit with

all of these compounds here okay we're

gonna be able to send you this that type

of stuff and get this in your home so

you'll be able to get your teeth done

your way at home alright so this is one

of the grills that we did that the

customer is gonna be picking up soon all

right this is the si it's a really high

quality all right other people would say

it's yes but we're telling you what it

is and you can get a plane train how

much is a plain Jane tops this will

contain tops yellow gold yes most people

want or Tek than 14k dental sixteen

special for anybody watching this you

got a you got to tell us you watch this

video 550 550 465 54 6 Wow bro

you practically giving it away so you

know I'm saying open-faced white gold we

customized put your name on it get your

flag on it whatever you need we'll be

able to do all right and we'll give you

the instructions on how to use the kick

as well we'll be able to send it to your

home all you gotta do is contact a

number right Mike's grills or you could

contact me now in four six two five five

nine six five

we got grills we got customs whatever

you need we can handle it so it's add

tracks grills all right with a seat

right and that's on IG

so there's somebody monitoring the diem

to help you do that and then the phone

number he just mentioned right or you

can just come on down to the diamond

district 64 West 47th Street but only

Monday through Friday removing teeth

right minute Monday through Friday

appointment-only if you hit me up the

day before or if you even give me an

hour's notice that can get here and do

the job so contact the guy and we'll get

it done or come on in we'll really do a

great job for you any style best prices

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