Matcha 101 + How To Make a Matcha Latte

hey guys it's Danny and today we are

chatting much up I'm going to cover

everything you need to know about this

bright beautiful super food plus at the

end I'm going to show you how to make a

ceremonial matcha tea and a matcha latte

so what is matcha it is a young delicate

high-grade green tea leaf that is grown

in the shade for about three weeks

before its ham tick dried and ground

into a fine powder now during the time

that it grows in the shade the plant

produces very high levels of chlorophyll

which is a plant based pigment that is

not only responsible for much as bright

green beautiful color but it also packs

those leaves with nutrients and

antioxidants another result of growing

in the shade is an amino acid called lc9

and this is said to be the magic

ingredient that helps to reduce anxiety

and enhance mood all while boosting

concentration focus and alertness now

unlike traditional green tea when you

consume matcha you're actually taking in

the entire tea leaf which is why it's

said to be such a nutritional powerhouse

and why it's considered a superfood as a

matter of fact it is graded one of the

highest food when it comes to

antioxidant concentration and remember

guys antioxidants are what fight off

free radicals in the body so not only is

it preventative but it also supports

healthy glowing skin its lowers blood

sugar levels it reduces cholesterol and

it speeds up metabolism which is why you

will often hear people say that matcha

supports weight loss now matcha does

contain caffeine but because of the way

the body digests it it's released at a

slow and steady rate so unlike sage

you're getting a cup of coffee where a

lot of people will get a spike and then

a crash the matcha gives you a more

sustained steady rate of energy so if

caffeine doesn't normally agree with you

you might find that you have a different

experience when you're drinking

matcha categorically speaking there's

two main types of matcha ceremonial

culinary now ceremonial matcha is made

from the youngest science chilies and so

it has a very delicate refreshing

naturally sweet flavor and really the

only way you want to enjoy the

ceremonial matcha is in a classic cup of

tea or an iced tea when you are

selecting a ceremonial matcha you want

to have a vibrant green color with a

light fresh slightly grassy smell it

should also be extremely fine to the

touch it's almost like an eye shadow now

if the Macho was grainy or it had a dull

color or a yellowish brown to it it is

not the real deal culinary matcha on the

other hand is a mix of the younger and

the older tea leaves so while it still

has a very fresh flavor it tends to be a

little more earthy and robust now you'll

notice that the green maybe a little

less vibrant than the ceremonial matcha

but you should still have a beautiful

green color a good quality cooking grade

matcha should still have a fresh grassy

smell to it and the texture will still

be fine and smooth : very much also has

a lower price point so this is the

matcha you want to use if you're going

to add it to your smoothies your

breakfast bowls your oatmeal your baked

goods etc so in a nutshell

whichever matcha you're buying what you

want to be looking for is origin most

good matches come from Japan color

texture taste and press and yes my

friends you pretty much get what you pay

for a good ceremonial matcha can cost

you anywhere between 25 and 40 dollars

for an ounce which is the equivalent of

30 grams now I am by no means a matcha

aficionado but the monster that I have

been using and really enjoying is from a

company called the matcha reserve and

what I like about them is not only do

they have the traditional matches but

they also have flavored matches so they

have things like mingle matcha or

caramel matcha and they're really yummy

and they're really fun so if you guys

want to check them out I will leave a

link down in the description box below

once you get your much a home you want

to store it in a cool dry place because

it is very sensitive to light and heat

and that's why you'll see that most good

matches are sold in a foil packet or a

dark container if you do not drink your

matcha every single day then I would

recommend stirring it in the fridge or

the freezer now there are lots of

different ways you can incorporate

matcha into your diet you can add it to

your smoothies your pancakes your

muffins your chia pudding you name it

people are making much of everything

these days and if you guys want to see

some more matcha recipes come on down

into the comments below and let me know

and make sure to give this video a big

thumbs up now for the sake of what I'm

doing here today I'm going to show you

how to make a ceremonial matcha tea and

a latte latte now for those who drink

matcha often you may have yourself this

very beautiful and fancy matcha making

kit which includes the matcha bowl the

bamboo whisk and this wooden scoop

but don't worry if you do not have that

you can still make a great cup of matcha

with tools that everybody probably has

in their kitchen so what I'm going to be

using today to demonstrate is this

spouted glass cup a fine mesh strainer a

small whisk if you were really desperate

you could also use a spork and a tea

spoon so for an 8 ounce cup of matcha

tea what you're going to do is take a

teaspoon of the matcha powder and run it

through your sister this is going to

help to keep it nice and fine and then

when we make the tea it makes for a

creamier frothy err end result then I'll

add just a couple ounces of hot water

now you don't want your water to be

boiling hot you want it to be just

before boiling or nice and steamy grab

the whisk and just begin to move it back

and forth in a w or M motion this is

going to whip the match up until it

starts to create a thick green paste and

it gets a little bit frothy on top this

is going to take just a couple of

minutes once you've got your paste and

you see the frost has formed then we're

going to add another four to six ounces

of water transfer this into your

favorite mug and enjoy now if you wanted

to make a much a lot instead of this tea

you would do all the same exact

until you've got that frothy paste and

then instead of adding water you're

going to add some milk so the first

thing I do is a little bit of sweetener

just a teaspoon of honey or maple syrup

will do and then 4 to 6 ounces of

steamed milk you can do almond milk

coconut milk cows milk I promise you

they are all delicious so pick the one

that works best for you and your health

style so now I want to hear from you if

you've ever worked with matcha before I

would love to hear your tips or some of

your favorite recipes and if matcha is

new to you do you think you're going to

give it a try come on down for the

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