DIY Starbucks Green Tea Frappuccino

hi guys for today's video I'm going to

show you how to make this Starbucks

green tea frappuccino it's one of my

favorite drinks from starbucks so I hope

you guys enjoy this video this is also

going to be a club with Arlene she made

this super yummy bubblegum Frappuccino

to make sure to check out her video at

the end of this one but let's just jump

right into how you make your own green

tea frappuccino the first thing you're

going to need is a blender we're going

to need vanilla syrup not extract that

won't work a cup of ice and a measuring

cup this tazo green tea latte mix I got

mine from target sugar your choice of

vanilla ice cream and any type of milk

that you would like to use I've been



copy de austin

I don't wanna be too

this heart


oh come close

nor did the second

now you're all done with your starbucks

green tea frappuccino I hope you guys

enjoyed this video if you did make sure

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and don't forget to check out our liens

video on a DIY bubblegum Frappuccino

thank you guys for watching bye