Revoked Green Card

afternoon link of radio listeners my

goodness we call it fantastic Friday

every Friday and then we say thank Brad

it's Friday but you know today's our

boys special yes so we gotta say thanks

squeeze squeeze his birthday today

and I just asked a sidewalk and I said

where's the birthday boy and you

probably home is birthday with Brad

Bernstein of the Law Offices of Spawn

Bernstein we are inside the immigration

link live and alive and we're also

celebrating the earth strong as we say

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what if he rolls up on in Zuccotti what

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something else yeah I know they said

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like you guys it is a little a beginning

right right training for the Booga huh

get with the time okay awkward the old

squeezer in with the new yes alright so

let's talk immigration folks once again

it's a fantastic Friday and it's a good

time to sort out your legal issues if

you have immigration issues if you have

green card questions if you want to get

married if you want to bring your family

here to the country you know what to do

give Brad Bernstein a call and ask a

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she's gonna bring me the wonderful Telus

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flew the coop no they'd like to throw me

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we're even listening yesterday now

didn't even know did of course even if

it's my day off why am I gonna listen I

want to be far away from as long we

could get along if that's what he was

thinking though come on Brad you got

everybody's back okay we see right all

right so go to the corn I this is

integration by the way yeah we're remind

people that we're online yes okay so let

me tell you what's going on here

this is immigration we're gonna be

answering immigration questions for the

next 30 minutes or so 25 minutes or


squeeze comes and throws me off whatever

happens first and on his birthday if it

is birthday so he does have to throw me

off I brought it up I'll run it off

but yeah so we're gonna answer

immigration questions you can call right


the lines are wide wide open one eight

seven seven three two oh five four six

five that's one eight seven seven three

two I'll link you can call right now to

get your questions answered alive by

myself you can chat what you kneel if

you want whatever you want those it does

it it those are the two things you can

do for the next thirty minutes you can

also call 1-800 law length that's one

eight hundred five two nine five four

six five if you want to set up a

consultation with me we do the

consultations by phone and in person so

you can set them into out in nationally

that's right so you can you can you can

set up the phone consultation you can

come down to our office located at 225

Broadway in addition to being live on W

VIP FM 93.5 throughout the metropolitan

area you can check us out live on the

internet as well at www.att.com/biz

watching on the internet and for people

who are listening and want to go watch

its WWN umber for immigration.com and

that is where we are at by the way there

was by the way there was a big powwow

yesterday at the White House with about

two hundred bigwigs I didn't get my

invitation though but there was 200

other immigration bigwigs I guess maybe

my invitation got lost in the mail but I

don't bring that burden think I am

what's the got lost in the mail but 200

immigration bigwigs met at the White

House with the head of the Homeland

Security Department

president popped in for a few minutes

and they are working more political

bigwigs than immigration lawyers right

and they are working to get a consensus

on an immigration bill and it's not

really in the papers but I kind of see

what's going on and they're trying to

work on getting a consensus for the

immigration bill for 2010 so we don't


this mess like we have right now with

healthcare so the goal is to get a

consensus on immigration and get it

through very fast and not have a big

debate on it so that's all what's going

on so the pot is going right behind

behind the scenes so it's it's it's

moving along but in the meantime we're

gonna answer your immigration questions

the thing that I want to remind

everybody again okay is you can't solve

your problems unless you pick your head

out of the sand and decide you want to

do something okay so now is a very very

good time to try to resolve your

immigration issues do it well before the

immigration was changing if you can get

yourself in the system because when the

immigration laws change immigration is

gonna be so overwhelmed so overburdened

with applications

whatever immigration benefit you're

going to be asking for you're gonna be

waiting a very very very very very very

very very very very long time right okay

so if you are eligible for citizenship

code do it now it's only six months yeah

okay you have that special you have that

special person to get married to do it

now there's only four month wait matter

now don't we right if you have that

special person if you don't have that

special person but you're here out of

status get yourself in the system get

sponsored by somebody get sponsored in a

job it's sponsored by a family member

okay get into the system because when

the laws do change we'll all benefit all

of you to do that okay

now finally when you do call me at one

eight hundred Lolich one eight hundred

five two nine five four six five I am

NOT the FBI I am NOT the Immigration

Service I'm not the CIA I am NOT the US

embassy I'm not the major here Neal

I don't know what that means but but

I'll agree with you but what what what I

am is an immigration lawyer who when you

tell me things it's all done

confidentially within a close to our

environment if necessary and whatever

you tell me I can't go around and report

you or tell on you

or cual emigration on you or put you in

any worse position than when you were

when you came in so it really pays okay

it really pays to come on down just to

see what can be done for you

can I help myself how could I better my

life okay so again if that's of an

interest to you and I think it should be

of an interest to anybody who is here at

a status or has any immigration problem

whatsoever even if you have a green card

or you want to try to help your family

member should be of an interest you

should want to call 1-800 really it's

one eight hundred five two nine five

four six five so let's go to lines

absolutely let's go straight to the

phone lines good afternoon caller thank

you for calling the immigration link

what's your question for Brad Bernstein

today hi good morning yeah she got to

raise my volume here yeah one second

start again I all I heard was good

morning hi haha there we go hi my

question is this simple after you're

granted your permanent green card is it

possible for them to come back and

revoke such your green card yes they can

okay if it was if it was received

fraudulently no output then then know

that they would have to put you in

deportation that okay so in other words

they can revoke it up to five years

within five years if they discover that

you were never eligible for the green

card in the first place

okay okay I'm only on set only under