How to calculate GPA (Grade Point Average) | HD

hey guys today I am going to show you

how to calculate your GPA so let's start

so now I am writing down the standard GP

grading for each subject let's suppose

we have five subjects here


oh let's suppose we have five subjects

to calculate the GPA we will start from

writing down the subjects names and

creditors in them like whatever subject

you have you should just write down the


after that write down the creditors of

each subject and then your obtain grade

in that relative particular subject

now we are entering the main part of our

calculation of GPA so we are starting by

writing down the credit officer fee

subject and the reality standard grading

of a subject and multiplying them like I

have five subjects I would write down

done like this their creditors the

grades I have got I would write down

this standard GPA like B+ have a we have

written down here three point three we

will multiply them and same as above

now we are going to obtain the answers

from each of them we'll calculate them

by calculator like nine point nine

now I have calculated all of them and

the next step of our calculation is we

have to get the sum of the net the sum

of our calculations we'll do a


so like this we have our sum of all the

creditors in the same way we are going

to calculate our total cry at all in the

particular semester like these are our

total creditors where there is a mistake

here we can on the creditors we have to

calculate the creditors the total

creditors of the semester these are the

total credit or 15 we will divide these

creditors by this value like here


this will give us the GPA this is now

this is the GPA we have we were

calculating of a particular semester in

this way you can calculate the GPA thank

you so much for watching the video and

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