Why Are Gorillas So Strong?

good morning animal fans if you see a

huge muscular guy on the street could

you get as huge and muscular as him by

copying his diet and workout routine a

short answer probably although it

depends a lot on your genetics and body

type but the same broad principles of

diet and exercise have similar effects

on the average human body

now silverback gorillas are huge and

muscular so on the face of it it's not

entirely stupid to wonder could you get

as huge and muscular as them by copying

their diet and workout routines the

short answer no and a longer answer yeah

it still boils down to know for starters

you probably couldn't manage a gorillas

diet despite their fearsome reputations

gorillas are mostly vegetarians who feed

on fruit stems and bamboo shoots with 2

to 3% of their food coming from termites

ants snails or grubs depending on the

species and it's not like you couldn't

try to copy their diet but gorillas eat

about 40 pounds of food a day and you

eat maybe about two pounds of food

that's a huge difference

furthermore their digestive tract is

evolved to turn plants into amino acids

that are used as building blocks for

muscle we just haven't evolved that way

it to be as efficient with plants and

cellulose their hormones are also very

different and gorillas naturally double

our weight at least so although some

bodybuilders can get super big gorillas

can eat vegetables nap all the time and

get super super big they're just born to

be big

so I hope that answers the question tune

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