Gooseneck Hitch Install: CURT 60624 with 60611 Double Lock EZr on a Chevy Silverado 2500 HD


welcome to the installation video of the

Curt 606 2 for under-bed install kit

with the 606 1 1 double lock easy our

gooseneck on a 2017 Chevy Silverado 2500

HD to begin remove the spare tire to

provide more room for the installation

depending on the year of the vehicle the

entire heat shield may be removed or a

portion can be cut out between the bed

support to accommodate for the gooseneck

center section for this installation we

will be removing the entire heat shield

to do this remove the four fasteners the

heat shield will not be reinstalled run

a 1/2 inch bolt through the cross-arm

threads to remove excess powder coating

or debris from the rear cross on repeat

this on all six of the cross arm

mounting clips on some truck models the

rear driver's side plastic wheel well

cover will need to be trimmed to define

the trim area place the side plate on

the frame and use the provided hardware

to temporarily hold it in place the trim

area on the plastic cover will be

located over the gooseneck handle hole

as shown in the diagram in the included

instructions measure and mark the

designated trim area the area should be

one and a half inches high and two and a

half inches wide on the top with tapered


use a rotary cutting tool or aviation

shears to trim the area some models may

require the metal flange below the bed

to be bent outward with the pliers or

removed to allow the handle to move

without interference

if the flange is cut be sure to coat any

exposed metal with the touch-up paint or

rust preventative remove the side plate

next prepare to insert the rear cross

arm notice that the holes are closer to

one edge this edge should be facing the

back of the truck when inserted so after

the cross arm is rotated into position

this edge will be facing downwards slide

the rear cross arm between the frame and

the bottom of the truck roughly above

the rear tire once the cross arm has

spanned the frame rails use a wrench to

rotate the cross arm so that the holes

are offset towards the ground push it

towards the rear of the vehicle position

the front cross arm so that the leg

without the holes is towards the cab in

an upside-down V orientation slide the

cross arm between the truck frame and

the floor of the truck bed in front of

the rear cross arm once this cross arm

has spanned the frame rails use a wrench

to rotate the cross arm until the leg

with the holes faces the rear of the

vehicle note that the cylinder in the

center section is offset towards the

rear of the vehicle prepare the center

section by inserting a half inch

carriage bolt in through one of the

centermost slots on the side that will

face the front of the truck with the

serrations of the bolt retainers facing

outward place the retainer onto the

carriage bolt use one of the included

spaces to help push the bolt retainer

into position repeat this on the

opposite attachment point before lifting

the hitch into position make sure that

the center locator is inserted into the

cylinder lift the center section into

place positioning it between the two

cross on the line the square holes in

the center section with the holes in the

cross arm and loosely attach the front

cross arm using the provided half-inch

carriage bolts and hex flange nuts


the carriage bolt over the fuel tank

should be inserted through the front

cross arm with a spacer once the front

cross arm Hardware is loosely installed

attach the rear cross arm using four

half inch hex bolts with conical tooth

washers these bolts will thread directly

into the cross arm next place the side

plate against the frame at the mounting

location on the driver's side in between

the cross arms loosely attached into the

factory weld nuts in the frame with the

supplied 16 millimeter bolts washers and

lock washers clean the weld nuts if the

bolts are hard to start repeat this

process on the opposite side when

loosely installed slide the side plates

rearward then adjust the center section

to ensure that the hitch is square and

centered on the vehicle on 2015 models

or older you will need to fish wire

these bolts into place to do this refer

to the diagram and the supplied

instruction sheet now attach the rear

flange nut on the side plate to the rear

cross arm using a 1/2 inch hex bolt and

conical tooth washer place a 5/8 inch

carriage bolt and spacer through the

front flange in the side plate and front

cross arm secure with a 1/2 inch hex nut

repeat this process on the opposite side

be sure to torque all the hardware

installed in the cross arms and side

plates in order specified in the

included instruction sheet before

beginning the drilling process from

underneath the truck

use the center locator as a guide to

drill a 3/16 inch pilot hole straight up

through the truck bed next using the

center section as a guide drill the

safety chain moves from underneath the

truck bed using a 5/8 inch hole saw make

sure that the holes are located in the

lower section of the truck bed rib a

short pilot bit with a small right angle

drill can ease the process of drilling

the safety chain holes optionally you

may want to drill the pilot holes from

below and finish the drilling process

from above the truck bed with the 4-inch

hole saw drill a hole from the top of

the truck using the previously drilled

pilot hole as a guy we recommend using a

cutting fluid to ease the drilling

process continue drilling until the

orange shavings can be seen from the

locator guide and the cut section can be

removed finish drilling the safety chain

holes from above the truck bed if pilot

holes were drilled from below deeper all

of the drilled holes and spray any

exposed metal with a rust inhibitor or

coat with touch-up paint to create a

clean finished look insert the rubber

edging around the 4-inch hole next place

the chrome trim ring into position and

fasten it with the three flat head cap

screws from inside the truck bed place

the two u-bolts down through the drilled


from underneath the truck place a washer

then a spring followed by another washer

and nylon nut onto each of the four

u-bolt legs tighten the nuts until they

are flush with the bottom of the u-bolt


once installed be sure to check that

each u-bolt moves freely from the bed of

the truck next insert the caste lock pin

into the ball cylinder from the driver's

side with the hole located on top insert

the handle from the outside of the

vehicle on the driver's side through the

holes in the center section slide a

washer and compression spring over the

handle before inserting the handle rod

into the locking pin secure it with the

hex head flange screw and nylock nut

torque all hardware to the values

specified in the supplied instruction

sheet now you're ready to reinstall the

spare tire lastly find a suitable place

for the product usage sticker now that

everything is installed let's go over

the operation of your new curt EGR

gooseneck hitch to remove the pin and

reposition the ball pull the handle out

as far as possible and rotate it

clockwise until the locking pin is

disengaged and locked out insert the

ball into the cylinder by aligning the

ball groove with the cylinder pin if the

groove and pain are not aligned simply

rotate the ball until it drops into

place rotate the handle counter

clockwise until the locking pin snaps

back into position before towing always

double check to make sure that the pin

passes completely through the ball and

cylinder when not in use the gooseneck

ball can be flipped over and

conveniently stored within the cylinder

and covered with the provided rubber cap

this completes the installation of the

curt 606 to 4 under bed install kit with

the six-oh six-one 1 double lock easier

gooseneck hitch on a 2017 Chevy

Silverado 2500 HD carefully read all of

the included towing information and be

sure to use your safety chain loops

every time you tell thanks for watching

this video now you can bring it