The Good Neighbor Ending Explained (Spoiler Alert!)

the good neighbor isn't a horror film

but it's a surprisingly entertaining

suspense thriller with a great ending

the theory with the proper execution is

possible to drive an unsuspecting person

and to believe me

that they are truly being haunted the

good neighbor is about these two high

school kids who decided to prank this

old man Harold Greene by creating an

illusion of haunting but this innocent

prank turned into a big nightmare you've

been warned in the beginning of the

movie we don't know too much about this

old man Hiro grainy

you know appearance out he's just a

grumpy old man but as we get to know

more about him he is far from it it

appears that all the paranormal prank

didn't really affected him but it turned

out every paranormal Frank were

affecting him it reminded of his dead

wife then we progressed we see many

flashback of Harold's relationship with

his wife this screen role won't stay

close it keeps popping open you know I

really need your help around here we are

finding out that he really loved his

wife when his wife died from cancer he

really took him very hard

eventually he started to think that

ghost of his dead wife is trying to

contact him this is a reason why he

spent a lot of time in the basement

where all of our belongings were what

finally crept in was the Bell the teens

were very curious why he spent so much

time in his basement so one day one of

them broke into the house and decided to

investigate the basement there he found

the Bell when he rang the bell by

accident Harold must heard it from his

room the Bell has significant meaning to

Harold because this is the bell that he

gave his wife when she was fighting

cancer he told his wife to ring the bell

when she needs something from him I

bought you something

so when Harold heard the Bell he was

convinced that the ghost of life was

calling him to join him in heaven that

is why I Harold decided to take his life

and join his wife in afterlife

I didn't really think that other court

trial part and movie played any

significant part in the movie at the end

the morality of the story is that don't

judge a book by its cover and it served

as a reminder to us that we all live in

own perception of reality


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