How To Be A Leader - The 7 Great Leadership Traits


wherever you are leaders are important

whether it's to lead powerful

organizations or just to make sure a

group of friends are having a good time

here are the seven traits that all great

leaders possess number one they radiate

positive energy there is nothing more

important in a team than passion and the

will to succeed and having a positive

leader is an important part of that

sometimes I sign on to Facebook and I

see these status updates that just reeks

of negativity these people are not good

leaders and more often than not they are

not very successful either great leaders

radiate positive energy not only does

that make them more likable leading to

more trust it also boosts the team's

morale and countless studies have shown

a positive relationship between team

morale and productivity

number two they have a proactive

attitude when something goes wrong it's

easy to blame someone else or to find

out why it happened immediately the

great leaders put that aside they shift

their focus entirely on solving the

problem I used to be in charge of the

takeout service at the restaurant I

worked at so basically people would call

to make their order and my job is to

make sure everything is packed and given

to the right person it was a really busy

restaurant so mistakes weren't that

uncommon this one time after a customer

came to pick up his food I realized that

we forgot to pack part of his order I

was fairly new at the time and I didn't

know what to do but luckily one of the

owners of the restaurant was there so I

explained to him what happened he didn't

blame me he didn't even ask how it

happened instead he told me to call the

customer apologize for what happened and

then tell him that we will personally

deliver the missing part of his order to

his house at the end of the day the

owner sat down with me to talk about how

we can prevent something like this from

happening again but he did it at the end

of the day not when the problem was

still unresolved great leaders know what

to focus on at any given point in time

they are proactive number three they

delegate tasks completely great leaders

realized that they can't do everything

themselves so they focus on the most

difficult tasks and delegates the rest

to others let's say you make more than

$30 an hour yet every week you still

spend several hours cleaning your house

and doing the laundry considering a maid

costs around $30 an hour you might

decide it's worthwhile to hire one to do

your housework for you when I first

started delegating my work to others I

was hesitant because I knew that I could

probably do a better job than the person

I'm assigning it to for example a maid

might put your clothes in the wrong

drawer every once in a while

but you should still hire her because

the extra time you get to work on more

valuable tasks generally outweighs the


delegating also means fully trusting

your team to do the task without

micromanaging their every move great

leaders delegate tasks to others and

trust them to get the job done number

four they are approachable a great

leader is one who their teammates could

see themselves approaching whenever they

have a concern when they simply need

someone to discuss things - when Sam

Walton opened over a dozen Walmart

stores he was still available to

privately talk to any one of his

thousands of employees was this a reason

Sam Bowen was so successful we can't say

for sure but he is a prime example of

someone who's approachable and it's so

happens he's also one of the most

notable leaders in the last three

decades there is a saying that's very

appropriate in this situation and that

is a non-productive work environment is

one where employees are discouraged to

speak up fearing the loss of their jobs

great leaders encourage feedback from

all members of the organization they are

approachable number five they do what

they expect of others if you expect your

team to work hard and produce great

results you're going to have to do the

same when I was a kid I worked at

Wendy's the fast food restaurant there

were two managers there Maria and

Frances Maria was very good at telling

us what to do but she would always be in

her office talking on the phone with her

boyfriend we listened to her but none of

us really respected her and that is

because she doesn't place the same

expectations for herself as she does for


Frances on the other hand was different

he didn't have a lot of leadership

traits in fact he even had trouble

telling us what to do but the one thing

he did have was he pulled his own weight

when it was busy he would grab the

spatula and start flipping burgers

alongside us as a result he gained the

respect of everyone whenever he was our

manager we worked hard because we wanted

to for Francis a great leader sets an

example and as a result gains the

respect of his or her entire team number

six they are accountable your team's

mistakes are your mistakes because you

are their leader remember the restaurant

example when we left out part of the

customers order the owner and I

personally went to deliver what we


imagine the owner of a restaurant coming

to your doorstep

to apologize for their mistake that is

unheard of and yet that is exactly the

level of accountability great leaders

practice all the time it's not just

about responsibility it's about taking

the next step to make things right great

leaders are accountable and lastly they

are decisive a lot of times leaders have

to make decisions that they are not sure

of but once they have enough evidence to

suggest making that decision they stick

with it and they do it with confidence

imagine that you are the commander of an

army and you have to make the decision

whether to enter the enemy territory

from the north or from the west there's

no information as to which one makes

more sense but you will still have to

choose because without you their leader

half of your army might decide to invade

from the north and half from the West

and some might even call it quits and

retreat therefore your job as a leader

isn't to always make the right decision

but it's to make a decision in order to

keep the team together

wrong decisions could be fixed but a

scattered team is a recipe for disaster

great leaders are decisive and confident

in their decisions I hope these tips

help you become a better leader and as

always I hope you enjoyed it don't

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