How To Be The PERFECT Girlfriend

hey guys today I'm doing a video all

about how to be a good girlfriend

all of these tips can also work if you

want to be a good boyfriend but let's

just be honest the title is more catchy

if it's how to be a good girlfriend if

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and let's get into it okay so obviously

every single relationship is completely

different but there are a couple of

common things that make any relationship

better so let's start off with number

one this is a Guinea but learn how to

communicate and by that I don't just

mean like talk about your feelings but

learn how to listen to you know when

you're fighting or even debating

something or having a lively

conversation a lot of the times at least

I am sitting there thinking like oh yeah

they said that well I'm gonna say this

next time once they finish talking blah

blah blah they have an opinion here's

what I'm gonna say shut up shut up and

listen to what they're saying actually

listen actively listen and then when

it's your turn

think about it for a second and respond

that is how you have a proper

conversation and also kind of on that

same point learn how to apologize

because it's not a real apology if

you're like well I'm sorry you feel that

way it's like no I'm sorry I was a dick

I won't do that anymore okay moving on

second one is yeah go ahead and change

yourself I've seen so many of these

videos where people are like don't ever

change yourself no matter what under any

circumstances but that is not realistic

as a human being you are constantly

growing and changing and when there's a

new person in your life obviously you're

going to kind of bounce off of each

other and grow and change together but

that being said it is worth noting that

you shouldn't change yourself into

something that you think they'll like

better they're dating you because they

like you so trust in that and speaking

of trust trust them if you feel the need

to go through their phone their emails

log into their Facebook behind their

back this is a shitty relationship okay

no matter what your Excuse is if you

feel that need to do that it's not a

healthy relationship you should really

wait and as far as Trust goes you have

to take that onto yourself as well and

be trustworthy and

do that you have to be honest here's the

thing you can be honest 110 percent of

the time but then lie once and get

caught in that lie and every one of your

other actions are going to be pulled

into question here's so you should be

with a person that you feel comfortable

being honest with and that does take

time but just keep the lines of

communication open and it'll keep your

relationship healthier trustworthy and

honest here's a little bit more of a

specific one but but God have an opinion

oh my god I cannot tell you how many

times I have actually answered where do

you want to go eat and the guy was like

oh my god I didn't think you were going

to say anything because everyone else is

I don't know honey you choose whenever

someone asks me where I want to go and

eat I know exactly where I want to go

eat it's right there in my mind I want

to go and eat pizza or pasta or

something else that's gonna make me gain

10 pounds in one night and sometimes we

don't tell them when they ask we just

say something stupid like I don't know

I'm good with whatever and then whatever

they suggest for like mmm tacos no or

steak no and we just want them to read

our minds and guess what's right and

that is crazy because no one is a mind

reader men women nobody my god you have

an opinion say it say it because if you

don't if you're just that silent person

who doesn't have opinion on anything I

cannot tell you how boring you are get

an opinion here's one thing that is so

vitally important to me in any

relationship and it's something that I

require from myself is that no matter

what I get into I always have a life

outside of a person because I never want

to be totally wrapped up in my

relationship I never want to be like the

girl in the relationship that's not my

identity I'm an entire person outside of

that I have hobbies and hopes and dreams

and opinions outside of the person that

I am dating so I'm going to bring that

into the relationship I'm going to

continue to see my friends and explore

my hobbies and go after my career goals

and I'm coming into this relationship as

a whole person with a life outside of

them and I want them to come in with a

life outside of them and different

friends and hobbies because that's how

two people grow together that's how you

share a life because you have an actual

whole life to share with another person

instead of just being an empty shell

who's gonna like cling on to a guy and

be like I have your life now and the

very last thing and I think that this is

really the most important is believe in

your relationship I cannot tell you how

many times I get this question and it

always goes something like this I'm

dating this guy or this girl they're

really great but I think that they're

better than I am / more hot than I am /

more popular / more sexually adventurous

than I am and I'm scared they're gonna

find out that I suck and they're gonna

break up with me stop okay because they

are dating you just like you're choosing

to date them to spend your time with

them they're doing the same with you so

you need to again trust in that you need

to believe what this person is telling

you and you need to work on your

self-confidence because like that's not

okay you can't constantly be questioning

this relationship because you think that

you're below your partner because you're

not it's a relationship you're equals

and you need to realize that and you

need to trust that they like you and

that that's why they're spending time

with you and there's no negative motive

here so I think as long as a

relationship encompasses all of these

things you're confident enough whole

person who is trustworthy and honest and

can communicate like you're going to

have a great relationship that being

said not every relationship is going to

work out even if you are a good partner

but that's just where compatibility

comes into it so if you guys have any

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